WOW! Dwyane Wade is staying, Chris Bosh has arrived and LeBron James is on his way! Who would’ve ever predicted a year ago that these 3 All-Stars would be playing for the Miami HEAT!?

While Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade had made their Miami announcement yesterday…I wasn’t convinced LBJ would be joining them. I guess in my heart (and being an NBA fan,) I couldn’t help but think LeBron in NYC was best for the game…plus I like the Knicks coaching staff (PHX alums) – BUT I am happy he’s in Miami and going to play for the HEAT!


I drove by the American Airlines Arena shortly after the announcement where fans were honking and celebrating in the streets…they also had the ESPN special airing on the gigantic mesh screen on the front of the arena… The news vans were stacked up along Biscayne BLVD and there is a vibe of new life in the Magic City air!

So, it seems South Beach will now be HOTTER than ever..and maybe I gotta figure out a way to stay…honestly I had felt like I had outgrown Miami, but this is incentive to try and grow my role with the HEAT and HEAT TV. Regardless, expect to see me and my boy Burnie in the stands come game time! 🙂

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