The “POP UP” Spokesperson

When you visit my website Aubrey Up Close chances are you have encountered my “video spokesperson” …. you know, the little Aubrey who pops up and starts talking to welcome you to my site!?!? I can’t tell you how many times people have asked how I did that, or they tell me it ‘scared’ them & that their PC speakers were up loud and …there I was!! LOL My niece and nephew, Ella and Dante, make their Mom play it over and over every time she visits my blog to see “Auntie Aubrey!” You can probably see the play icon on the bottom left corner of your screen now. Well, that is just my creative way to welcome my online visitors LIVE… I’ve got a different version On The Flipside too!

The video is shot on a “green screen” and then my image/video is coded for my website template and voila! Lots of companies are now using this type of “technology” to reach out to clients and greet them with a more personal connection… I work with a company called VSP to record these intros, so you never know where I may just “pop up!”


Anyhow, just thought I’d offer some insight about this since people ask all the time…pretty cool, huh?

IMG-20110502-00036 IMG-20110502-00037

Lastly, here’s my demo reel for being a video spokesperson…

If you’re interested in having me as a spokesperson on your site… or someone else (grrr! LOL), contact Rohan at VSP  – He’s the BEST in the biz and be sure to tell him I sent you!! 😉

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