Casting for “CoCo Girls”

Please spread the word and post about the “CoCo Girls” Casting coming up THIS WEDNESDAY, Dec 21 in Coral Springs. The “CoCo Girls” will be ambassadors for the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek and will consist of a dance/show team (NFL/NBA style) and the CoCo Girls will also have the opportunity to work FT as Blackjack Dealers in the casino’s “party pit” with a minimum salary of $50k/yr. Casino will pay to have you trained/certified as a dealer. Must be 18+.

Coco Girls Final

Any promo or appearances “CoCo Girls” do in addition to blackjack dealer will receive additional compensation, (i.e. practices, performances, etc…). We’re looking at a minimum of 8 appearances/performances per month…

I will be directing the “CoCo Girls” and I am definitely looking for classy, well-rounded dancers, like you see in the NFL or NBA. There will be a short choreographed number to learn and perform for the panel, so please come prepared to dance too!

**This is a great opportunity for dancers who are looking for steady work and a flexible schedule!**

You can also find the info here by Clicking on ‘CoCo Girls’ tab on left column –>

Any questions, please ask me. Also if you can’t make this audition (short notice) but are interested, let me know because if I don’t find what I want this time, we will possibly hold another audition!

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  1. Heyy!!!

    I am verrrrry much interested in becoming a Coco Girl! How experienced of a dancer do you have to be and what should I bring or have for the audition? I am very much looking forward to Wednesday!!

    Thx!! πŸ˜€

  2. Hi Jenn – I’m glad you plan to attend the auditions! You don’t have to have any dance experience, but it might come in handy! I’m looking for women who show potential and can perform short addition to being well-spoken, personable and energetic, among other things! For the audition I would suggest a dress or cocktail attire for the interview, then changing into comfortable dance wear and dance/athletic shoes for the dance portion. I look forward to meeting you on Wednesday.

  3. Thanks for the information!! Also when I contacted the phone number above it mentioned I needed a headshot. I don’t currently have one. πŸ™ Would a regular picture due or is it absolutely vital to have a headshot?

  4. Hi, I will definitely be there on wednesday! I ve been dancing all my life but I am now a full time college student so will it conflict with my school schedule? And do you want a dance resume or a work resume?

  5. Yes, we can work with your schedule…also depends if you’re interested in working FT as a dealer and/or show team… there are options. I would bring both resumes. I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!

  6. Tattoos aren’t a “problem,” but if they are visible in your uniform/costume, they will have to be covered up! I hear Dermablend works great….

  7. I am very interested in becoming a coco girl! I will definately be there tomorrow bright and early ! I have been dancing and cheerleading since I was 4 years old (21 now!) I also have 4+ years of serving/ bartending experience and I am also familiar with some table games! Should I bring my work resume? Also, do you have any idea how long this will last, I have an appoitment at 11:30am tomorrow back here in Boca Raton. I look forward to meeting you tomorrow!!

    Thank-you so much,
    Lauren Netzel

  8. Bring your resume and plan to stay all day as we plan to select our “CoCo Girls” by end of day! There will be a series of cuts as we narrow down the group, interviews and a dance portion, so bring your dance shoes! If you have to leave, please come anyway so I can meet you. Thanks!

  9. Do you think there would be any way I could leave and then come back? I could be there early, by 8am, leave by 11, and be back by 12:30, at the latest? Or I could come after my appointment, if you don’t think that would be too late. Thank you so much for all the info.
    I can’t wait to meet you ! πŸ™‚

  10. Lauren – Come at 9am, fill out the forms, go thru 1st round, stay as long as you can, hopefully learn dance, and we’ll see if it’s necessary for you to come back, etc… Thanks for keeping me posted, appreciate your interest!

  11. Hello Aubrey,
    I have alot of experience in performing at that Casino. Actually last new years eve event I was one of the showgirls and I also conducted the drawing for the prizes given to the customers. I am a former Miamia Dolphin Cheerleader and I have an extensive dance resume, from Disney to Atlantic City. I am a choreographer and dance teacher for Alzonso Mourning’s Youth center. Unfortunately I have already commited to work the intire Christmas break for the Youth Center and I can not make the audition. Is there some way That I can email you a clip of me dancing, photos, or something. I amsoooo interested in this gig. I think I really have what you are looking for. Please let me know! And good luck today.

  12. Latasha – Today is the only scheduled audition casting at this point, however, depending on turnout and talent, there remains a possibility we will audition for more dancers. I will hang onto your info and keep you posted on additional opportunities. Thanks!

  13. I came to the auditions today and i was also denied after i asked was tattoos going to be a problem. i truly hope there is another audition because i am well qualified and to be denied over a small tattoo that i have derma blend for is crazy…. i am very determined to be a coco girl because i feel like this is the perfect oppurtunity for me.

  14. I was not able to make the auditions today,if there are any future auditions. For this kind of gig again,I would be very interested in going.Is there a website or number to call to follow up about these auditions?

  15. Hi, I attended auditions today, although you said tattoos wouldn’t be a problem I was still denied because of one visible tattoo that could have easily been covered by derma blend. Please inform me of other auditions because I am very interested and will like to be given the opportunity.

  16. Ladies – Regarding tattoos, we have no way of knowing the location, size, etc… until we see you in person…certain tattoos can work with the uniforms, however others may not. We may hold another more “dance-oriented” audition very soon, so stay tuned!

  17. Hi Aubrey, I just heard about the auditions that were held today! If there are any openings that were not filled today I would love the opportunity to interview with you! I’m 19 years old and I know I would be a perfect fit for a Coco Girl as several of my friends were hired today and said they know I would have definitely done very well! Is it still possible to get an audition or email you my resume and pictures?

  18. Mallory – Thank you for your interest, there is a strong possibility we will hold another audition very soon, I will keep your email on file and keep you posted on the next casting opportunity! Thanks for reaching out.

  19. Hey Aubrey,

    It was so great meeting you today!!!! I am so happy that I made it as a CoCo Girl, (#21) you don’t know how super excited I am! πŸ˜€ I just had a quick question I didn’t get to ask you before we all left…I am very much interested in the dance team but after today I’m not so confident (actually not at all) that I even have a chance at making the team. But I’m very interested in learning the moves and honing my skills as a dancer. If I don’t make the team can I still attend practice just to learn and even try to get better for a future posibility of joining the team?

    Thanks so much! And again it was super great meeting you!! (I actually look up to you a lot! Talented and beautiful and doing the things I hope to do in the future!)


  20. Jenn – We are still discussing the details of how the dance/promo team will work, but I will definitely keep you posted with opportunities to “get better!” The best way to improve as a dancer is to keep dancing and learning choreography! Best of luck to you!

  21. Hi,

    I was interested in this audition very much however I was coming from out of town and did not make it. I have modeled in the past and have acting experience. I also do trade shows and promotions and I have a bit of dance experience. Is there a place I can send pictures? My sister is also interested. Please please let me know! I very much hope you hold another audition!

  22. NEW CASTING *ROUND 2* >> FRIDAY, JAN 6, 2012 – 9am SHARP at HERON BAY MARRIOTT!! Bring interview attire and a change of clothes/shoes for dance portion!! Spread the word! ~Aubrey

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