You will be MISSED Rene

One of my main Miami homegirls, is leaving the Magic City, and headed up the East Coast… she’s switching mic flags and leaving WSVN. Figures, just when I decide to come back into town… Anyway, I couldn’t be more proud to call you a friend and even more so, happy for your success and achieving your goals. And — what a great time to be doing what you’re going to do, where you’re going to do it…Elections 2012…I’ll be watching you!!

So, it was only fitting that we got together for a good ole So Flo send off at the Fontainebleau Hotel!


That’s me sandwiched between Rene (left) and Constance (right)


Lots of love from her Miami (TV) fam …and friends…I still get “honorary” Miami TV status from my Deco tenure! LOL


(l-r) Dara, Me, Rene and Amara …check the throwback from 2008 below! 😉

SO MANY GOOD times with you Miss Marsh!! YOU WILL BE MISSED!! Best of luck!! xoxo

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