Chain, Chain, Chain…

I ordered these super cute, customized necklaces for my Mom and sisters as post-Christmas gifts and they finally arrived!! I discovered them while flipping through a Lucky magazine and decided to order these unique designs from Moon and Lola. You know sometimes when gift giving can be hit or miss and you think, well they can always return it if they don’t like it!?! Well, obviously when it (literally) has your name on it, not so easy! haha BUT — I knew these personalized chains would be a good fit since who doesn’t want something one of a kind, made especially for them!!! 🙂


Personally, I’ve always had a ‘thing’ about stuff with my name on it, because growing up, it was pretty much a NEVER that I could find key chains, mugs, stickers, etc… with my name printed on it. And — all of us gals, my Mom, me and younger sisters have all had gold chains with our names, except my neck kinda outgrew mine now!! LOL I haven’t seen them in person yet..shipped ’em straight to them, but my Mom is really happy with hers (Rose) and the photos look nice. YAY!!

Screen shot 2012-02-16 at 8.50.50 PM

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