The 2012 Olympics kick off today in London with the opening ceremonies…I will definitely be tuned in. I’m very excited to watch the games, and I feel like I was just in London… 🙂 Actually, I “crossed the pond” last October to watch the NFL game being played there at Wembley, which was a great time. Every 4 years I say I’m going to attend the next Olypmics…I’m missing out on London, but BRAZIL is the summer games next stop, I may really need to make that happen!! hehe

Team USA Basketball is on my MUST SEE list for this years Olympics, always great to see guys from the different NBA teams come together for some international play! Also I read a stat this morning that this year, a record 38 current NBA players will be playing in the summer games, very cool. Spain and Argentina may be the two teams giving the USA the biggest challenge…

As a little girl, I loved watching women’s gymnastics – I think it was the whole “Nadia” story…anyway, gymnastics was my thing in elementary, the nuns would always get mad at me for cartwheeling all around the playground!! Well, this year the USA women are favored for the team GOLD, so I’ll be cheering them on too!!

Track and field events are also always exciting to watch…especially the sprints, hurdles and relays!! Nike will have them sporting these flashy RED numbers. BTW… in 2008, I actually sampled some of the Olympic fashion…you can watch the flashback below –

And — of course I can’t leave out Michael Phelps…all eyes will surely be on him for swimming events as he goes for the gold AND has his sights set on amassing the most Olympic medals EVER! Good luck to him.

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