Bahamas Getaway

I enjoyed a quick weekend on some R&R this past weekend in the Bahamas at Atlantis, Paradise Island! I’ve been a few times before and every time I return it’s just as exciting and breathtaking to be there all over again!


This time around we stayed at “The Reef” property. It’s one of the newer, luxury towers that they also sell as residences where the suites have kitchens and laundry! It’s totally perfect for families or if you really just want to lounge and get some peace and quiet…and the Aquaventure Water Park is just a hop, skip and jump away! 🙂


We had a gorgeous Ocean View from the balcony, over looking the Kascade pool area and the private Paradise Beach…


It’s definitely a place everyone should visit at least one time in their life…fun times!! And — I will never forget my first visit to the resort in 2007, “on assignment”…Atlantis also boasts a HUGE assortment of exotic marine life from all over the world…one time, I had the opportunity to feed them..and, well a stingray tried to feed on me! LOL Watch the “flashback” below….hehe

Atlantis Fish Feed

It’s time for my “Throwback segment of the week!” I shot this segment during my first trip to the Bahamas and Atlantis… It’s probably one of the most entertaining and amusing stories I have ever done. And — for this shot I actually got in the water with Spotted Eagle Rays (yes, that’s a type of string ray) to feed them…and basically they were very ‘friendly’ with me! ha

Watch the video for my now famous line “..he’s biting my butt…” lol

FYI..I had to put on this super tight wet suit before I could do the “feeding” and that in itself was an event…those things are TIGHT!

Why Did I get Married Too?

I had the pleasure of traveling to the Bahamas for the Bahamian red carpet and first international premiere of “Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too?” I shared some of my photos and talked about the trip in an earlier blog Eleuthera and in this post I’m sharing my red carpet interviews with Tyler Perry, Sharon Leal and Michael Jai White. I didn’t go all out with these edits, but I still wanted to share what they had to say about filming in Eleuthera and the movie itself.

First up, Tyler Perry explains why he chose Eleuthera as a location…

And Michael Jai White talks about what it was like to film in the Bahamas and what it’s like to play Tasha Smith’s husband!

Finally, Sharon Leal shares how she feels about the Bahamas premiere and her experience shooting there.

Following the red carpet at Atlantis on Paradise Island, we all got to sit down for the Bahamian premiere of the film. The black tie event was well-attended and the theater was packed! Unfortunately for me though, it was a little on the cold side and the seating they had for media was not sure if that weighed on my feelings for the movie or not. Obviously the scenery in the film where the tropical beaches are the backdrop are gorgeous and tranquil, and it’s a little more exciting that I can say I’ve visited the actual place where it was shot! On the other hand, I think I liked the first one better, this one just seemed abrupt at times and the characters had changed so much from the previous movie…it just didn’t flow as well as I’d have liked! That being said, I’ll have to watch it again when I’m not in my dress and can focus better. Don’t get me wrong, it is a good story with lessons to be learned…I mean let’s be real, relationship topics can go on and on! The film does have great moments and Tasha Smith pretty much steals every scene she’s in! I found myself thinking..I’m not that bad, am I!?!? haha


I just came off a fun 48 hour trip to the Bahamas! The purpose of this trip was to do press for Tyler Perry’s new film “Why Did I Get Married Too?” A portion of the movie was shot on location on the Bahamian Island of Eleuthera, so we had an excursion to that island and see the “set” where they filmed. Meanwhile, we stayed in Nassau and capped the trip with the red carpet premiere at Atlantis on Paradise Island.

I arrived early Sunday morning with my cap low, sporting the “Bow Down”  Tee…


For dinner we went to the ONLY 5-star restaurant in Nassau – Graycliff’s…where they also house the 3rd largest wine cellar in the world! They had a huge stash of Cuban cigars too!


The next morning I woke up at the rack of dawn to catch the charter flight to Eleuthera, to visit the movie site… so BEAUTIFUL and SERENE!

I learned that the Bahamas is proud to boast it not only has the clearest waters in the entire Caribbean, but it’s H2O is tops in the world!

After lunch we headed back to Nassau for a press conference with Tyler Perry and Bahamian Officials.

A couple stars of the new film, Sharon Leal and Michael Jai White, were also on hand.

Then it was finally time to get all jazzed up for the red carpet premiere, and I had a new dress to wear, courtesy of my good friend Grace!

And — I ran into an old buddy from the Bay, Miss Wynter who I used to work with back in the day at Tech TV…so we had to snap a shot…(l-r) that’s Amber, Wynter and yours truly!

It was a nice (quick) getaway and be sure to check back here on my blog, as I will be posting the red carpet interviews and give my review of “Why Did I Get Married Too?” which opens this Friday!


These days if you’re gonna lounge at a swank hotel’ve gotta have a cabana…so I checked out a couple cabana hot spots in MIA…at the Fontainebleau and Cabana One!
cimg5604 dscf4247

However, my personal favorite cabanas are in the Bahamas at Cain (Cove Atlantis)…see pictures above..they’re more like little cottages with a front and back “yard,” plus loungers, bathroom, shower, etc…  One side opens up to the beach and the other to the ultra pool! I guess that’s why they call it paradise.

Numero Ocho

Wow! On The Flipside is up to Episode #8!! I can’t believe my project has come so far!! On this one, I’m in the Bahamas on Paradise Island at the Cove Atlantis…good stuff! Check it out!!

Cain and Aura Turn 2!!

I know you’re thinking…wasn’t she just in the Bahamas with her sisters!?!? Yes, I was…but I was also there to help Cain (Cove Atlantis’ Ultra Pool) and Aura (Atlantis’ chic nightclub) celebrate a 2nd birthday! Carmen Electra hosted the weekend party, while the Girly Show (British cross of the Pussycat Dolls and Spice Girls) came from the UK and electric violinist Caitlin Moe to provide the femme entertainment! Good times…

We are Family!


I just spent an incredible week and a half with my sisters! Adrienne and Alison aka Ade and Bologna flew out from The Bay to come hang with their favorite “big” sister  in the MIA…actually, it was just Ade who planned to do this, but there was no way bologna was going to let us hang without her! lol


So the first night they made it to Miami we stopped by Club BED, then the next morning we hit South Beach to get some Vitamin D on their “pale” exteriors! It was nice to hang out and have my sisters with me…my two best buds! Bologna and I are really twins (mini-me) …I’m just a few years older and a few shades darker! ha



Alison had a laundry list of plans for us, like eating Prime 112, going to the MAC store and Paddle Surfing!

I did a story for Deco last year with Girard and he was happy to give us a lesson on the beach, they loved it!


Then, from Miami we set out to Raleigh, North Carolina to meet up with our baby brother Adam and Dad, for my cousin’s wedding…Viko lives in Australia, but his bride is from N.C….so the Aquino’s descended on Southern Pines!


It was great to see a good portion of my Dad’s family, all but 2 of his siblings made it..and most of my 31 first-cousins from that side of the family were there from all corners of the U.S. and abroad!


I think it was the best wedding they’d seen in those parts in a long time..lots of CELEBRATION and James Taylor songs! From Carolina we left our Dad and brother to hit the Bahamas! My sisters had never been, so a visit to Paradise Island and the Atlantis was a must, I mean how many chances will we be able to spend the time together and vacation, right?


We stayed at the super cool “Cove” and did a deep water interaction with dolphins..I sort of freaked out though when they wanted us to go under water…I’m no good with wearing a snorkel mask and holding my breath and swimming!!


The memories with my sisters are priceless…can’t wait til our next “episode!”