We are Family!


I just spent an incredible week and a half with my sisters! Adrienne and Alison aka Ade and Bologna flew out from The Bay to come hang with their favorite “big” sister  in the MIA…actually, it was just Ade who planned to do this, but there was no way bologna was going to let us hang without her! lol


So the first night they made it to Miami we stopped by Club BED, then the next morning we hit South Beach to get some Vitamin D on their “pale” exteriors! It was nice to hang out and have my sisters with me…my two best buds! Bologna and I are really twins (mini-me) …I’m just a few years older and a few shades darker! ha



Alison had a laundry list of plans for us, like eating Prime 112, going to the MAC store and Paddle Surfing!

I did a story for Deco last year with Girard and he was happy to give us a lesson on the beach, they loved it!


Then, from Miami we set out to Raleigh, North Carolina to meet up with our baby brother Adam and Dad, for my cousin’s wedding…Viko lives in Australia, but his bride is from N.C….so the Aquino’s descended on Southern Pines!


It was great to see a good portion of my Dad’s family, all but 2 of his siblings made it..and most of my 31 first-cousins from that side of the family were there from all corners of the U.S. and abroad!


I think it was the best wedding they’d seen in those parts in a long time..lots of CELEBRATION and James Taylor songs! From Carolina we left our Dad and brother to hit the Bahamas! My sisters had never been, so a visit to Paradise Island and the Atlantis was a must, I mean how many chances will we be able to spend the time together and vacation, right?


We stayed at the super cool “Cove” and did a deep water interaction with dolphins..I sort of freaked out though when they wanted us to go under water…I’m no good with wearing a snorkel mask and holding my breath and swimming!!


The memories with my sisters are priceless…can’t wait til our next “episode!”

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