Padding For My Feet

Ladies…ya’ll know the PAIN associated with wearing stilettos and high heels for long periods of time…even though beauty is pain and it really doesn’t matter if the shoe is cute and we can make it fit…but for some of us the term “DISCOMFORT” doesn’t even begin to explain the SUPER BAD feeling! I know for me, years of pounding the balls of my feet through dance and high heels, has resulted in “no pads” left on my soles (just skin and bone), so my shoes tend to expire quickstyle! So I found this “pillows for my feet” injection…and they basically put an injection to restore the “fat” and relieve you of the pain associated with being on your feet and wearing heels! Now…that’s what I’m talking about..I want happy feet, instead of them hating me all night long…

P.S. Don’t you think my outfit in the Bessi Shoe part of the segment sort of makes me look like I’m about to go to the Australian outback! lol And thanks to my sister, Ade, for being my foot model!

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