Gary Owen Interview


I got the chance to interview and hang out with comedian Gary Owen when he came through Hampton Roads last week. You may know him from “Think Like a Man” and “Think Like a Man Too,” he’s also been on Tyler Perry’s House of Pain. He’s a very funny, energetic, yet down to earth guy. I really enjoyed meeting him and even went to see his stand up show while he was in town. Check out the interview below where we talk about him being in movies, going to Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade’s wedding and why he likes “black!” Funny stuff…click play below!!!

Mo’Nique x Me


I met the very talented Mo’Nique during her visit to Hampton Roads when she came by my show to promote her appearance at the Virginia Beach Funny Bone. I really didn’t know what to expect…I think part of me still sees her as her Academy Award winning character from Precious! LOL! But seriously, she couldn’t have been more genuine and sweet…I was really in awe of what a true professional she is. I get to meet all kinds of people in my line of work and I can sincerely say she is top notch.

Check out the video below to see her interview. She came to the show with her friend and opening act TONE X, and we chatted about her doing the plank challenge, being Mommy’s to boys and she even shared her thoughts on Robin Williams, who coincidentally was the person who presented her the Oscar when she won in 2009. I can’t wait for the next time my path crosses with this amazing lady.

Bobbing for Bananas


Things went  a little “bananas” on The Hampton Roads Show today… Special guest co-host Alex Scott joined me in studio, he’s a comedian/actor/writer and has appeared on Def Comedy Jam as well as BET’s Coming to the Stage, and most recently he was a writer for the Arsenio Hall Show. Well, we had a bobbing for bananas contest on the show today. I’ve never done anything like that before in my life….and well, you’ll have to watch the video to see how the competition turned out…


richguzzi I was hypnotized on TV today…yup HYPNOTIZED! Comedian Rich Guzzi who does “Comedy Hypnosis” was a guest on The Hampton Roads Show, since he’s performing at the Virginia Beach Funny Bone this weekend…and I agreed to go “under!” Just watch the video below… It was the strangest feeling!! When he first had me staring at the light I was thinking this isn’t going to work…but I tried to relax and just let him do his thing. The funny part is when he kinda throws me down in my lap. I kept thinking I can snap out of this at any time (but I didn’t try) and my other thought was, “my hair is all over the place.” HAHA! I was aware of what was happening, and still had my own thoughts, so I do remember what was going on…I don’t know, it was a strange feeling. I did feel a sense of euphora afterwards though…like a breath of fresh air! Check out some of the “play by play” photos from the show!

“No Boyfren”

Check out Bon Qui Qui’s newest video “No Boyfren” feat. Tammy …it is the OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO! 😉 Lot sof cameo’s in this one…so be sure to press play!!

And — look out for Anjelah Johnson’s new one-hour special “The Homecoming Show” July 20th at 9/8c on NUVOtv! For more details go to

Road Trip to JAX

T and I rolled out north on I-95 this weekend for an overnight trip to good ole Jacksonville…hehe! The mission of this adventure – catch Anjelah Johnson‘s show at Comedy Zone and visit with Cat! 🙂 And — Cat and I happened to coincidentally do a taupe/black color combo matching outfits thing…LOL


So, I’m happy to report we made it to her late show Friday night and shared lots of laughs!! Side Note – Comedy Zone is in a Ramada..totally random..and uh yeah, we KNEW we weren’t in Miami anymore! We got to sit in the “VIP” section, which was like a sky box at a sporting event…but then again, not really.


The next day we headed out to downtown Jacksonville to have lunch with our favorite comedienne and found this beautiful vessel, “KISMET,” docked along the St. John’s River. Not only is it one of the most beautiful luxury liners I have ever seen, but its name pretty much describes me and T…his Mom referred to us as exactly that…KISMET.

Kismet is a word meaning Fate or Destiny, a predetermined course of events.


Anyhoo, we scooped up Anjelah and headed over to Biscotti’s for lunch…GREAT PICK Cat…food was perfect! Then I opted for soft serve ice cream, while my 3 amigos went for froyo.

BTW, if you’re reading this and aren’t familiar with my girl Anjelah’s work…here’s a teaser video for a new song/video being released by her character, “Bon Qui Qui” …. I’M A CUT YOU

Anjelah Johnson


Anjelah Johnson is making a hometown appearance in San Jose tomorrow evening, Saturday 11.28.09!! If you are in the BAY and don’t have plans, I’d would STRONGLY suggest you check out her show and make a night of it! She is incredibly talented and beautiful, not to mention funny! It’s an all ages show at the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts, and you can purchase tickets through Live Nation –


I won’t be able to make this show, since I had to take off from the BAY, but I did manage to catch up with her and hang out for a few at Santana Row, while our locations crossed! She is one of my favorite friends and it’s so exciting to see her WINNING with all her hard work, faith and dedication!

You may know her as the ever popular Bon Qui Qui…

…or for her “Nail Salon” skit! Be on the lookout for her as she is quickly rising to the top! Her 1 hour Comedy Central special debuts December 28 and this Christmas, you can catch her starring role in Alvin and the Chipmunks 2! She also has another movie in the pipeline with Forest Whitaker and George Lopez, so don’t sleep on her…go out and watch her live this weekend or when she visits a city near you!! I’ll also have interviews with her On The Flipside and for a new show I’m debuting on the Cheer Channel, so stay tuned!!