Anjelah Johnson


Anjelah Johnson is making a hometown appearance in San Jose tomorrow evening, Saturday 11.28.09!! If you are in the BAY and don’t have plans, I’d would STRONGLY suggest you check out her show and make a night of it! She is incredibly talented and beautiful, not to mention funny! It’s an all ages show at the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts, and you can purchase tickets through Live Nation –


I won’t be able to make this show, since I had to take off from the BAY, but I did manage to catch up with her and hang out for a few at Santana Row, while our locations crossed! She is one of my favorite friends and it’s so exciting to see her WINNING with all her hard work, faith and dedication!

You may know her as the ever popular Bon Qui Qui…

…or for her “Nail Salon” skit! Be on the lookout for her as she is quickly rising to the top! Her 1 hour Comedy Central special debuts December 28 and this Christmas, you can catch her starring role in Alvin and the Chipmunks 2! She also has another movie in the pipeline with Forest Whitaker and George Lopez, so don’t sleep on her…go out and watch her live this weekend or when she visits a city near you!! I’ll also have interviews with her On The Flipside and for a new show I’m debuting on the Cheer Channel, so stay tuned!!

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