TV Host Reel

If you’re looking in the market for a job on TV, the one thing you need is a demo reel. Over the (many) years I have edited several reels (work examples) together, and this weekend I decided to put together a new one featuring some of the work I have done as a TV Lifestyle Correspondent and Host.

Fortunately or unfortunately actually, I have A LOT of footage…my problem is deciding which ones I like and what to include. The fun part is it’s like taking a small trip down memory lane going through my (TV) work clips, and recalling all the different people, places and experiences I have met along the way. It’s always refreshing for me to look back and see how I have been blessed with so many awesome experiences by simply doing my job!

Trivia Crack and ME

trivia crack

I had never even heard of “Trivia Crack” before the other day. It’s an online game, app, etc… Google Play lists it as:

Trivia Crack is the international smash hit game that pits friend against friend in different categories to determine who has the most trivia knowledge.

Okay, so the reason I am even mentioning this is because one of my friends apparently plays this and the other day a question about yours truly came up in the “entertainment” category! Imagine that…me a trivia question! haha

Anyway, she was amused by it and sent me a screen shot (BELOW). And — I’m happy to report she did answer that correctly. So, I guess this makes it official..I’m famous, right!?!? ๐Ÿ˜‰


The Hampton Roads Show

Tomorrow will be my first day on air as a (new) Host of The Hampton Roads Show at WAVY TV 10 in the Portsmouth/Norfolk/Virginia Beach market! Yep, I have moved on from Miami. This is truly a unique and awesome opportunity to host a dynamic daily lifestyle and entertainment show! I’m really excited to be part of something like this and although moving and transitions can be tough, sometime we just have to change it up and push ourselves on to the “next.”


Think Today Show/Live with Kelly and Michael…hot topics, makeovers, giveaways, cooking, comedians, live bands/artists, local interviews, etc… I do have a co-host in Chris Reckling, so it’s not completely my own show, but pretty close. I am excited for the opportunity because these kind of hosts jobs don’t happen everyday! Plus, it’s kind of like something I’ve always dreamed of doing, and I told myself I would only go back to TV full time to host my own show…dreams do come true!


The hour-long show airs everyday at 11am on the NBC affiliate in the Hampton Roads market, so if you’re in the area tune in…otherwise you can visit the website and see clips from the show…


Ariane Aramburo is the outgoing host, as she returns to her home state of Alaska, to take a Morning Anchor position there. I wish her the best of luck!!! Above is a little snapshot of us as she “passes the torch,” from one AA to another… ๐Ÿ˜‰

UM Symposium

I had the pleasure of being a guest panelist for the Student & Alumni Career Symposium at University of Miami this past week.

The panel discussion I participated in centered around Sports & Entertainment and the role Social Media is now playing in the industry, in terms of news gathering, marketing, interaction (i.e. fan/athelete), etc… So, LOTS of angles to talk about!! ..and perfect for me since I’ve worked on all sides, in sports/entertainment for the organizations, and then on the media side, as well as creating my own grassroots social media campaign to launch On The Flipside!!

There were 5 panelists total with a moderator and we spoke to a packed room of eager ears and sponge-like minds…GREAT audience! Sebastian Rusk sat to my left during the discussion and provided these photos via Social Buzz TV

I really enjoyed being able to share my experience, opinion and knowledge…but it is different talking in front of a live, captive audience, as opposed to doing one on one interviews in the field and or speaking directly into a camera..contrary to what people might think! ha

Who knows…maybe my next step will be an entry into academia!?!? **Side note: I mean, my Dad just took a job as a visiting professor at a University, now that he’s retired, so maybe it’s in my blood! And actually, I’ll be sitting on another panel or moderating next week for Johnson and Wales University –

At any rate, it’s always refreshing to be surrounded by the “young bucks,” who are passionate and eager to make their mark…and even more flattering when they came up to me after the event to introduce themselves and ask me for advice and share their dreams/goals with me. I love helping those who ask questions, show interest and actively work toward creating their future!