UM Symposium

I had the pleasure of being a guest panelist for the Student & Alumni Career Symposium at University of Miami this past week.

The panel discussion I participated in centered around Sports & Entertainment and the role Social Media is now playing in the industry, in terms of news gathering, marketing, interaction (i.e. fan/athelete), etc… So, LOTS of angles to talk about!! ..and perfect for me since I’ve worked on all sides, in sports/entertainment for the organizations, and then on the media side, as well as creating my own grassroots social media campaign to launch On The Flipside!!

There were 5 panelists total with a moderator and we spoke to a packed room of eager ears and sponge-like minds…GREAT audience! Sebastian Rusk sat to my left during the discussion and provided these photos via Social Buzz TV

I really enjoyed being able to share my experience, opinion and knowledge…but it is different talking in front of a live, captive audience, as opposed to doing one on one interviews in the field and or speaking directly into a camera..contrary to what people might think! ha

Who knows…maybe my next step will be an entry into academia!?!? **Side note: I mean, my Dad just took a job as a visiting professor at a University, now that he’s retired, so maybe it’s in my blood! And actually, I’ll be sitting on another panel or moderating next week for Johnson and Wales University –

At any rate, it’s always refreshing to be surrounded by the “young bucks,” who are passionate and eager to make their mark…and even more flattering when they came up to me after the event to introduce themselves and ask me for advice and share their dreams/goals with me. I love helping those who ask questions, show interest and actively work toward creating their future!

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