Cover Girl x Vixen Workout

I finally got an opportunity to check out and try the “Vixen Workout.” And, it just so happens that the class I went to was actually part of an event where the #vixenarmy teamed up with Cover Girl to promote Bombshell mascara! The event was on South Beach in Miami and while I had some idea ofย  what the workout was going to be like, I don’t know if anything could’ve quite prepared me for its intensity!!!

First things first, they had Cover Girl makeup artists on hand to assist with the #bombshelling look…so I did that. The event took place in a large space with lighting to set the “mood.” The idea was to have a concert feel, since the Vixen Workout is taking a page out of a video vixen’s “book.” There was a great turnout, I mean hundreds of women ready to work it out!! I was told this fitness regimen has a cult-like following, and from the large crowd of excited ladies who showed up, that is clearly evident.


Now about the workout, it is seriously a heart-pumping, energy-inducing, sweat producing, non-stop dance-filled workout. The creator of the Vixen Workout is Janet Jones, a former Miami HEAT dancer, who basically incorporates some of the hottest dance moves – often seen in music videos, and then choreographs workout routines with lots of sexy, sassy sweat! I loved that Janet, along with her dancers had incomparable energy and while they were “leading” the 1-hour workout, I felt like I was watching Pitbull’s dancers at an award’s show! Lots of fist-pumping, cheering and HIGH ENERGY… Just check out this quick snippet video I shot on my iPhone >>

I will be the first to admit that 30 minutes of this workout quite enough for me…until I can get my cardio up and my thighs/knees can handle all the squats and “drop down and get your eagle on” moves! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Note — if you have any issue with explicit lyrics found in rap music, or walking out of a class with your ears ringing, then this may not be for you! **Plus, I couldn’t help but think of rapper “drama,” when songs by Kanye West, Rick Ross, Chief Keef, etc… came on! It’s not all rap either, there’s lots of Beyonce to go around with some Dancehall, EDM and Latin spice sprinkled in.

ย IMG_0848 IMG_0849

The “Vixen Workout” definitely has Miami written all over it, from the gyrating booty pops to the constant chest thrusts and slinky body rolls…many of the ladies ditched the ponytails and let their hair down while getting some extra lift from wedge sneakers. And — I can’t really think to any “downsides” to this workout…unless you count the all-over soreness you feel the next day. I did find myself getting a bit too technical, wanting to have all the choreography down, and not “mirror” the women on stage – as a dancer I tend to want to have the exact hand placement, movement and timing…but reminder to self, this is all in fun, and after a few classes, you’re sure to have all the vixen moves down pat! What else can I say, I loved it, would totally do it again! And what better way to feel like I was up in the club getting my late night groove on! I mean even my “Cover Girl Bombshell” eyelashes were sweating!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Right now the Vixen Workout is only in Miami and New York, but it’ll hit the West Coast soon…and I’m sure all my Bay Area U-Jam girls would LOVE it! Visit the website at

Dubs All Day

I spent part of the 2nd day of 2014 at the HEAT vs. Warriors game at American Airlines Arena.

photo 1

It’s only once a year (NBA season) when my hometown, Bay Area, Golden State Warriors make it to South Florida, and after many years of struggles and heartache for fans, the team is finally competing (and beating) the competition! Plus, I have to make sure to show some “California Love” …so, it was exciting to see the team in action in Miami and to represent & support a team I grew up watching!

DUBS ALL DAY! I also got to sport a custom shirt design by Tony.psd in the Warriors Blue and Yellow – in fact there were lots of Golden State fans in the crowd Thursday night… so that was fun to see too!!

photo 2

And — post game my friend Maite and I were invited to check out “HYDE” – the ‘exclusive” court side club, which was nice because I hadn’t been down there yet when it was “club” time… and coincidentally I ran into my friend Jenn, who was visiting Miami from the Bay! Good times!

photo 4



Congratulations to the Miami HEAT, the 2012-2013 NBA Champions!!! And – congrats to Lebron James for earning the NBA Finals MVP once again!!! Parade time on Monday!!! WOOHOO!!

2013 MIAMI Going Pro Expo

It’s that time again! The Going Pro Expo is making a tour stop in Miami in exactly one month … MARCH 10, 2013!! I am so excited to be coordinating this event for the 3rd year in a row and this time around we’ve changed up the format to appeal to more women looking to “GO PRO” in the dance, cheer and entertainment industry! This year, we truly have an ALL-STAR lineup of choreographers and presenters. On the schedule we have 4 separate “master dance classes” for those of you looking to brush up and/or learn new choreography, all taught by outstanding professionals with NFL, NBA, NHL and collegiate experience. Then we have full workshops and seminars on fitness, pageantry, broadcasting, pro team cheer & dance, etc… We even have a session devoted to social media!


This event is open to women who are alumni, current or aspiring entertainment professionals! It’s the perfect place to brush up on your skills, learn new material, find out all about the Pro Team Cheer & Dance Industry, Pageantry and Fitness…but most of all you can ask our experts all the questions you want. General registration gains you access to all workshops and even some “sidelines” sessions, then you can pick and choose which dance classes you want to take, or enroll in them all — the more you dance, the more you will improve, plus networking and making new friends & contacts never hurts!


The 2013 Miami Going Pro Expo is also the perfect place for pro, semi-pro and college cheer and dance teams to pick up new choreography to take to their own sidelines as well as great advice and tips on performance, makeup, hair & presentation, while enjoying a fun team building experience!

Check out these videos from other Going Pro Expos held recently in Washington DC and Kansas City …


**Discounts available for groups and current/alumni pro team members!

Are you interested in reaching women over the age of 18 who are in the industries of fitness, dance, pageants, modeling and entertainment? The Going Pro Expo is the perfect place to showcase your business!! For vendor/sponsor opportunities, contact


What a wonderful way to start the week! Today I attended the Miami HEAT victory parade and celebration at the American Airlines Arena in downtown Miami. I’ve heard varying numbers on just how many folks descended along the parade route to be part of history, but supposedly in the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS!!! Okay, so I didn’t exactly stand along the parade route, but in my “condition” that’s not a good idea right now. I was able to take part in the experience though inside the arena where we watched the parade on the big screen and I partied alongside season ticket holders for the exclusive event! So much FUN..I mean where else can the DJ spin Rick Ross’ “BMF” and the entire arena sings along…and then go into Jackson 5 “I want you back” and the crowd keeps on keepin’ on!?!? LOLย  Check out some of my pictures from the “inside…”


Back in 2006 when I first moved to Miami, the HEAT were fresh off their 1st NBA Championship and one of my first stories that I did for Deco Drive was about the championship ring! They were raffling one off, to start the new season … ๐Ÿ™‚ 6 years later, tonight is Game 5 and the HEAT are up 3-1 in the best of seven series, and they are on the brink of winning another CHAMPIONSHIP RING for 2012!! So, let’s reminisce with my segment from 2006 because I see another one of these baby’s in the future for the MIAMI HEAT!!!

Like I’ve said in a previous post..I feel it in my bones!!! LET’S GO HEAT!!! AAA the place to be tonight….it will be WHITE HOT and rockin!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

OKC is OKAY with me, BUT…

All eyes will be on OKC this evening, well, the eyeballs belonging to NBA fans who are tuned into the 2012 season FINALS that tip off tonight. This is MUST SEE TV peeps!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyhoo, Oklahoma City isn’t exactly one of those top travel destinations that everyone flocks to..BUT I have actually been there twice and I like OKC. My first time visiting Oklahoma was when I was on ESPN’s Beg, Borrow and Deal, it was pretty much my “team’s” last stop before the other team beat us to the finish line – we were 2 teams racing across the country. The year was 2002, we had ended up by OU, and some friendly fraternity guys (who were ready to head home for the summer), helped us out and somehow we ended up at Mickey Mantle’s restaurant and then some nightclub! LOL

Screen shot 2012-06-12 at 11.04.52 AM

Then, last year I went back to OKC for a work assignment with Chesapeake Energy, the same company who has the naming rights for Arena where the OKC Thunder play…and where the NBA Finals begin tonight versus my “hometown” Miami HEAT! So, all this to say that I like OKC, the city, the team and the company it’s teamed up with, Chesapeake. The segment I did for them was shot on the Chesapeake campus at their state of the art gym…very cool..and the entire company campus has a distinct university feel, on purpose by design. Click play below to see the segment I did at Chesapeake!

And — if you happen to be in OKC for the series, head to the Bricktown area for some eats, I ate at a spot called Crabtown..and yeah, I’ll definitely have to go back one of these days, just to eat crab there!! I also loved downtown’s Hilton Hotel Skirvin, where I stayed. It’s the cutest boutique feeling hotel, and did I mention their grilled cheese!?!? LOL

Now, as random as this post is…even though I kinda sorta really like OKC… I’m going on the record to say this series, these NBA FINALS belong to MIAMI!! Yes, the HEAT will bring it home to the 305!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m wishing, hoping & praying to see the championship trophy in South Florida, with a HUGE parade and all the fanfare..BUT SERIOUSLY I FEEL it in my bones!!!! I have no doubt this will be a very competitive, exciting series… filled with drama, so as an NBA fan, thanks in advance. No offense Oklahoma, it’s just not your time, yet…