Flashback: American Idol “Connects”

So with the 2012 American Idol finale airing tonight…I got to thinking, do I have any connections to Idol?? People often ask me what are the coolest interviews I’ve done and who’ve been the most interesting (celebs) I’ve met…and honestly, most of the time I don’t have a great answer. Anyway, I do believe when I spent a week freelancing for E! News, Ryan Seacrest may’ve tossed to my segment…and I was a former pro NBA dancer, so that connects me to Paula Abdul (I know, reaching). However, when it comes to the current judges, I’m bringing it back to the 2007 archives!! I have nothing to tie me into JLo, except that I live in Miami and she had/has a place here too?? LOL But when it comes to the 2 dudes on the panel I found legit connects!! Like, this LIVE interview I did on Deco Drive with Steven Tyler and Richie Supa at the Seminole Hard Rock >> press play!

That was long before Steven’s AI judge days… Then, I found some pictures, also from 2007 when I celebrated my birthday at Cameo nightclub on Miami Beach! Sitting in the VIP booth adjacent to ours was none other than Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson. I can’t quite recall I if actually took pictures with them, but I did find these photos from the night…

ddbday Screen shot 2012-05-23 at 5.14.12 PM

Me with a couple of my Deco Drivers … Simon hanging out “next door,” and this one with Randy in the booth with DJ Irie. It was cool…but after a while we wanted Randy to stop DJ-ing because he was playing a bunch of Paula’s songs (if I remember clearly) and it was killing the vibe! haha Ah, the memories!!

randy jackson

Nonetheless, kinda fun to do this flashback and take a trip down memory lane!! Tonight me and my sis, bologna, are pulling for Jessica Sanchez to be our Idol…represent girl!! #TeamJay

Fly Khicks

Miami’s Fly Khicks are still in the running to be America’s Best Dance Crew! Enjoy this little snippet and look out for full backstage coverage with the Fly Khicks, Lil Mama and Shane coming up On The Flipside! Thanks to AJ and the guys for getting this backstage footage for me…