Flashback: American Idol “Connects”

So with the 2012 American Idol finale airing tonight…I got to thinking, do I have any connections to Idol?? People often ask me what are the coolest interviews I’ve done and who’ve been the most interesting (celebs) I’ve met…and honestly, most of the time I don’t have a great answer. Anyway, I do believe when I spent a week freelancing for E! News, Ryan Seacrest may’ve tossed to my segment…and I was a former pro NBA dancer, so that connects me to Paula Abdul (I know, reaching). However, when it comes to the current judges, I’m bringing it back to the 2007 archives!! I have nothing to tie me into JLo, except that I live in Miami and she had/has a place here too?? LOL But when it comes to the 2 dudes on the panel I found legit connects!! Like, this LIVE interview I did on Deco Drive with Steven Tyler and Richie Supa at the Seminole Hard Rock >> press play!

That was long before Steven’s AI judge days… Then, I found some pictures, also from 2007 when I celebrated my birthday at Cameo nightclub on Miami Beach! Sitting in the VIP booth adjacent to ours was none other than Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson. I can’t quite recall I if actually took pictures with them, but I did find these photos from the night…

ddbday Screen shot 2012-05-23 at 5.14.12 PM

Me with a couple of my Deco Drivers … Simon hanging out “next door,” and this one with Randy in the booth with DJ Irie. It was cool…but after a while we wanted Randy to stop DJ-ing because he was playing a bunch of Paula’s songs (if I remember clearly) and it was killing the vibe! haha Ah, the memories!!

randy jackson

Nonetheless, kinda fun to do this flashback and take a trip down memory lane!! Tonight me and my sis, bologna, are pulling for Jessica Sanchez to be our Idol…represent girl!! #TeamJay

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