KaBoom! I Helped Build a Playground

There are so many events happening around the Bay Area this week related to Super Bowl 50, and while I will do my part to socialize and network at the various parties around town, I also took some time out to lend a hand in a KaBoom playground build in San Jose. I got involved, since ESPN invited some of the Disney (parent company) affiliates to pitch in, including ABC7 where I work part time. Also in the mix were other local community members and members of the Raiders and 49ers organizations too.


What brought this experience even closer to home is that fact that it was happening in my hometown San Jose. To have the opportunity to construct a playground for kids that are growing up among the same streets I did, made it all the more special. Not to mention that these days as a Mom, I spend A LOT of time hanging out at neighborhood playgrounds with my kiddos. I can’t wait to bring them by this one to show off what I did! ๐Ÿ™‚


At any rate, I didn’t really know what to expect. I’m not particularly strong and while I was my Daddy’s little helper in construction projects growing up…my handy-ness is limited to the “basics.” Anyhow, this is how it went down, all the volunteers, showed up bright and early and we were divided into groups with a team leader. Each group was responsible forย  a specific component of the playground.


The group I was assigned to was in charge of 2 directional sign posts. We had to paint arrows and think of what we were going to write on them. We decided on one post carrying “location” tags and the other would have inspirational “directions.”

IMG_0010 IMG_0011

I was fortunate not to be mixing and pouring concrete aka “getting dirty,” (although I did some, to secure our post in the ground), and other groups were assembling the play equipment, painting a mural, erecting gazebos and sitting areas, etc…


And, I think my assignment was extra special because I got to work with some of the kids who live in the community and took the initiative to volunteer to help make it happen. I was impressed at the efforts by these young men.


The whole playground was constructed in about 6 hours. I mean of course they will properly inspect it and make sure it is sound for youngsters to start using it, but I was truly in awe of how quickly it all came together. It was a great day of teamwork and community service.



GNO: Justin Timberlake Concert

photo 3
I took a trip to the Bay Area this past weekend and it just so happened a group of my girlfriends were planning to all attend the Justin Timberlake concert for his current 20/20 Experience tour, in San Jose for a Girl’s Night Out (GNO)! It could also have been dubbed Mommy’s Night Out aka Mommy’s Gone Wild! haha! From pre-gaming at Mau’s place to catching the end of teh NFC Championship playoff at San Pedro Square…and the walk to SAP where the concert was being held…..FUN!!

At any rate, JT concert was fun…although I am so unfamiliar with his newer stuff, it really kinda made me feel “dated.” Good times for sure…thankful for the opportunity to get out with the ladies who’ve I’ve known for DECADES… Check out some of the photos from our night of shenanigan’s below.

Screen shot 2014-01-23 at 12.35.31 AMphoto 1photo 2

OTF: Gallery 85

The San Francisco 49ers Vernon Davis recently celebrated the Grand Opening of his very own Gallery 85 art gallery at Santana Row in San Jose. On the Flipside, in association with Bay Tiger Productions, was there for exclusive coverage of the star-studded event! Press play for some of the red carpet highlights!! And visit On The Flipside for more exclusive video segments.

2012 Audition Prep Classes

Every year, hundreds of women pour their heart, mind, soul and body’s into auditioning for various Pro Sports Dance and Cheer Teams. I have worn an audition number, stood in line with the masses for my chance to dance, and so I KNOW what the experience is like. Thankfully I have been successful and have reached my goals of being selected for a coveted spot on one of those teams. Now that I’ve hung up my dance shoes, I work as a consultant and regional director for Going Pro Entertainment…and every year the company puts on “dance conventions” all over the country, designed to help audition hopefuls be ready and be their personal best for these once a year NFL, NBA, AFL, etc.. auditions. This year I am again coordinating events in the Bay Area (Northern California) and Miami, FL.

Another GREAT benefit of our workshops is that there are open to current dancers as well. Perhaps you are on a college dance team or semi-pro team that doesn’t have a big budget for choreography, however…by attending our events, you will learn 2 routines and 4 sidelines to take back and use for your own performances, so we encourage teams to send a couple if not all their dancers to be part of this exciting day! And — it’s always a wonderful refresher for alumni who’ve taken time off and want to get back in the groove before auditioning again.

All our events are staffed by former dancers, director and choreographers from Pro Sports Teams and we have the advice, tips and insider info you need to put your best foot forward! Of course we encourage you to always attend the “prep classes” for the specific team that you are interested in being part of, to be audition ready. Going Pro conventions offer that extra “edge” and additional help some of you may seek and it’s another opportunity to meet like-minded women who are also going through the process. Plus, since we are not the actual team reps for specific auditions, it’s no pressure, ask any questions and have fun!

West Coast (Bay Area) Pro Dance is Sunday, January 29 in San Jose!
For more info & sign up >> http://westcoastprodance2012.eventbrite.com/

Miami (South Florida) Pro Dance is Sunday, February 19 in North Miami!
For info and to register >> http://miamiprodance2012-eorg.eventbrite.com/

All other Going Pro Conventions, including DC, Atlanta, Arizona…
For the complete list >> http://procheerallstars-eorg.eventbrite.com/

West Coast Pro Dance 2012

Are you a current, former or prospective professional dancer or cheerleader? Does your team need fresh choreography? Would you like to meet others in the industry or hear about audition opportunities?

Then get ready for the West Coast Pro Dance Convention in San Jose, CA on Sunday, January 29, 2012!


Our choreographers are top alumni and directors of dance and cheer teams in the NFL, NBA, AFL, MLB and other sports leagues. They will teach 6 sidelines and 2 routines in length of 45-60 seconds.
**Aubrey Aquino, NBA Dancer – Sacramento, NFL Cheerleader – Oakland & Arizona
**Kristin Medwick, 7 year NFL Cheerleader – Oakland, “Dancer of the Year” 1998; “Raiderette of the Year” and Pro Bowl Cheerleader 2005
**Kristena Wright, NBA dancer – Washington, NFL Cheerleader – Miami
**Chris Rhyu, NFL Cheerleader – San Francisco


**Faithe David, former 49ers Cheerleader will be giving awesome dance technique class to help candidates put their best foot forward at auditions.
**Jada Law, former NBA dancer in Sacramento and LA and current TV personality & host for Lakers TV will give a fitness/health/nutrition presentation to get candidates ready for auditions.
**Audrey Asistio, an alum of the San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush and Gold Rush Ambassador now works for a news station as a reporter/fill-in anchor. Audrey will offer participants interview, attire, and overall presentation tips.
**Mindy Kreis, Director of Crunch Fitness will be knocking our socks off with a specialized bootcamp geared specifically to dancers.


San Jose Athletic Club
SAN JOSE, CA 95112

For complete details – http://westcoastprodance2012.eventbrite.com/

OBON Festival

I headed down to San Jose over the weekend to attend the Japanese Obon (pronounced OH-Bone) Festival in San Jose’s Japantown. It’s been a good decade, since my SJSU days, when I try to recall the last time I went..but anyways, I figured it’d be nice to be in some warm, sunny SJ weather and hang out! And — Norma, me and my sis all got LEI’d!!

My friend George who works as a reporter at a rival station also met us down there, and since he’s Japanese-American, we kept asking him how to pronounce the different Japanese terms he knew – you know, so we could learn to say things the right way.


We ate at pretty much every booth there…BBQ Beef Teriyaki, Tempura, Gyoza, Udon, etc… They also had a BINGO tent which was fun, but nobody was able to get “BINGO!” See how intense Ade and Norms are…


Cousin Patrick also came by to partake in the festivities…


During the final part of the festival they perform a bunch of traditional Japanese dances and ask for everyone to participate…so George jumped in, donning his traditional garb! He’s even sporting his “karate kid” bandana…j/k But, doesn’t he fit right in with the kiddos?? ๐Ÿ™‚


West Coast Pro Dance Convention

I am so excited to return home to the Bay Area next weekend, not only am I going to see tons of family and friends, but I am bringing a very exciting event to the area. Many people know I have a background that includes dancing and cheering in the NBA and NFL…it’s something near and dear to my heart. These days, I get sore after an hour or 2 of dance, but I still got it! lol..uh sort of… Anyway, it’s not about me. The event I’m talking about is the Going Pro Entertainment: West Coast Pro Dance Convention which will be held at Crunch in Danville, CA on Saturday, March 12, 2011.

West Coast flyer

It’s not a competition, it’s not an audition, it’s a fun, all day convention filled with dance choreography taught by Pro Alumni & a fitness boot camp, paired with makeup, hair, interview, attire and photography presentations! The workshop is open to current, pro and aspiring cheerleaders and dancers, and most of the attendees are in the early to mid 20’s, however we have had juniors and seniors in high school attend as well as women in their 30’s. We’re all Alumni from the NFL, NBA, AFL, etc… If you are thinking about auditioning for the San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush, Oakland Raiderettes, Golden State Warriors or Sacramento Kings, etc… this clinic a great starting point! We are a great alternative to a team’s official prep classes for Pro Dance and Cheer auditions because you don’t have to worry about messing up or doing the wrong thing ( we aren’t judging you), and there’s no need to hold back when asking questions. Our focus is to get you prepared and ready to have the best audition of your life…we are here to help!! So sign up today >>> Registration & info for the (Bay Area) event is at http://westcoastprodance.eventbrite.com/

AND — just to give you a taste of what people can expect…here are some photos and video highlights from my super successful Miami event!! We had great dancers, current and alumni Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders, alumni Miami HEAT dancers and I’m sure there were at least a few future Pro’s in the mix! ๐Ÿ˜‰


IMG_0208 IMG_0221 IMG_0218

IMG_0215 DSCF5698 DSCF5693

Lovely Locks

So, I decided to do a “hair” blog because I got a hair cut, then my sister Alison did…and my other sister Adrienne just had a digital perm done. I’ve been hanging out in my old stomping grounds (Bay Area) for a couple days now…went down to San Jose yesterday and made a stop at Santana Row to get my ‘do done at W’s Salon with my longtime stylist William.

As you can see I’ve added some bangs..I just thought it’d be fun until they grow out…my hair pretty much grows like a weed, so why not? The one thing my sisters and I are blessed with is GOOD HAIR! We’ve all been complimented numerous times on our nice, thick manes…or asked if we have extensions or if it’s our own hair! ha

Yup..it’s all ours and there’s plenty to go around! Today we went to Japantown in San Francisco to visit Arty Salon where my…. sister Adrienne had just gotten a “digital perm”….


….and Alison aka Bologna was going in for a “downsizing!” ๐Ÿ™‚

Alison has a super THICK head of hair and her texture has the MOST body…I was wondering how the stylist was going to make it without taking an “arm” break! lol I mean the shear amount of hair being taken off her head was so amazing..I had to take a photo! Weave anyone??


Awww..but the finished product was oh so full of lovely locks!!


It’s always good times with my sisters….


And after all the mane’s were in check…we had crepes!