Lovely Locks

So, I decided to do a “hair” blog because I got a hair cut, then my sister Alison did…and my other sister Adrienne just had a digital perm done. I’ve been hanging out in my old stomping grounds (Bay Area) for a couple days now…went down to San Jose yesterday and made a stop at Santana Row to get my ‘do done at W’s Salon with my longtime stylist William.

As you can see I’ve added some bangs..I just thought it’d be fun until they grow out…my hair pretty much grows like a weed, so why not? The one thing my sisters and I are blessed with is GOOD HAIR! We’ve all been complimented numerous times on our nice, thick manes…or asked if we have extensions or if it’s our own hair! ha’s all ours and there’s plenty to go around! Today we went to Japantown in San Francisco to visit Arty Salon where my…. sister Adrienne had just gotten a “digital perm”….


….and Alison aka Bologna was going in for a “downsizing!” 🙂

Alison has a super THICK head of hair and her texture has the MOST body…I was wondering how the stylist was going to make it without taking an “arm” break! lol I mean the shear amount of hair being taken off her head was so amazing..I had to take a photo! Weave anyone??


Awww..but the finished product was oh so full of lovely locks!!


It’s always good times with my sisters….


And after all the mane’s were in check…we had crepes!



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