TV Host Reel

If you’re looking in the market for a job on TV, the one thing you need is a demo reel. Over the (many) years I have edited several reels (work examples) together, and this weekend I decided to put together a new one featuring some of the work I have done as a TV Lifestyle Correspondent and Host.

Fortunately or unfortunately actually, I have A LOT of footage…my problem is deciding which ones I like and what to include. The fun part is it’s like taking a small trip down memory lane going through my (TV) work clips, and recalling all the different people, places and experiences I have met along the way. It’s always refreshing for me to look back and see how I have been blessed with so many awesome experiences by simply doing my job!

The Hampton Roads Show

Tomorrow will be my first day on air as a (new) Host of The Hampton Roads Show at WAVY TV 10 in the Portsmouth/Norfolk/Virginia Beach market! Yep, I have moved on from Miami. This is truly a unique and awesome opportunity to host a dynamic daily lifestyle and entertainment show! I’m really excited to be part of something like this and although moving and transitions can be tough, sometime we just have to change it up and push ourselves on to the “next.”


Think Today Show/Live with Kelly and Michael…hot topics, makeovers, giveaways, cooking, comedians, live bands/artists, local interviews, etc… I do have a co-host in Chris Reckling, so it’s not completely my own show, but pretty close. I am excited for the opportunity because these kind of hosts jobs don’t happen everyday! Plus, it’s kind of like something I’ve always dreamed of doing, and I told myself I would only go back to TV full time to host my own show…dreams do come true!


The hour-long show airs everyday at 11am on the NBC affiliate in the Hampton Roads market, so if you’re in the area tune in…otherwise you can visit the website and see clips from the show…


Ariane Aramburo is the outgoing host, as she returns to her home state of Alaska, to take a Morning Anchor position there. I wish her the best of luck!!! Above is a little snapshot of us as she “passes the torch,” from one AA to another… πŸ˜‰


I’m the host of a new show on MY TV 33 in South Florida. It airs every Saturday morning at 10am, so TUNE IN!!! πŸ™‚ On the show I visit different dealerships and preview great deals they have on vehicles for the week, so if you’re in the market for a car…it’s the perfect place to see what’s out there. Watch the promo below….

And here’s a clip from my visit to Brickell Luxury Motors!

TV Aubrey

A lot of people are always curious about what it is that I actually do (for a living), and there’s often no easy answer to this question because I don’t have typical 9-5 job and I don’t have one company that I do “work” for… My best explanation is that I am a TV Host/Reporter…and essentially that IS what I am! I graduated from SJSU with a Broadcast Journalism degree and have been working in TV for the past several years. These days, I’m a “freelancer”…meaning I work on a contract basis and sometimes I get called in for recurring (production) projects and other times it’s a “one shot” deal. So, my schedule varies and I will travel for different gigs, because that’s just how it is! Anyway, I completely forgot to tell my friends and family to tune into Lifetime this past weekend to see a couple segments I did for a show called “Here’s to Your Health.” The show focus’ on health-related issues and I will be doing field reporting for them. Well, luckily you can watch those segments (that aired this past weekend), right here….

Another project I have been working on, is as a video host for Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us websites…so if you’re online, don’t be surprised to see me on your computer screen soon, talking about toys and everything baby! πŸ˜‰ Here’s a photo from the set where I’m hanging out with a T-Rex!

And — another behind the scenes shot in the “nursery!”