TV Aubrey

A lot of people are always curious about what it is that I actually do (for a living), and there’s often no easy answer to this question because I don’t have typical 9-5 job and I don’t have one company that I do “work” for… My best explanation is that I am a TV Host/Reporter…and essentially that IS what I am! I graduated from SJSU with a Broadcast Journalism degree and have been working in TV for the past several years. These days, I’m a “freelancer”…meaning I work on a contract basis and sometimes I get called in for recurring (production) projects and other times it’s a “one shot” deal. So, my schedule varies and I will travel for different gigs, because that’s just how it is! Anyway, I completely forgot to tell my friends and family to tune into Lifetime this past weekend to see a couple segments I did for a show called “Here’s to Your Health.” The show focus’ on health-related issues and I will be doing field reporting for them. Well, luckily you can watch those segments (that aired this past weekend), right here….

Another project I have been working on, is as a video host for Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us websites…so if you’re online, don’t be surprised to see me on your computer screen soon, talking about toys and everything baby! 😉 Here’s a photo from the set where I’m hanging out with a T-Rex!

And — another behind the scenes shot in the “nursery!”

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