The things we do for beauty… Well, I recently had an opportunity to get my lashes “extended” by Novalash! I love eyelashes and the idea of “lashing out” with extensions was too exciting to pass up, so as you can see, I went “under.”


The process was actually pretty relaxing, I just had to keep my eyes closed for about 2 hours, and they said it was okay for me to fall asleep. What they’re basically doing is “extending” you natural lash with a synthetic one….so they attach them to the ones you have, and you can pick how thick or thin you want to go! They will last about 60 days – a normal cycle for your lashes, but you can get them “filled” every four weeks if you choose to keep them up!


All in all, it was an easy process, it didn’t hurt and the results are amazing, I look like I have mascara on all the time! There are some precautions though to make sure they last and stay intact, like you have to use non-glycol makeup remover and there’s also special eyeliner and mascara that Novalash carries to compliment the extensions. So far, I have been very careful to properly maintain my added “beauty!”


And — when it’s all done, voila!! An instant eye-opener, that makes you feel better about going (eye) makeup free!! Here’s a picture of me post-Novalash with Michelle of “Let’s Talk Makeup.” She did my lashes and is also an instructor for Novalash!


Thanks to Ali too!! I LUV my lashes!!

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  1. Hi Aubrey,
    I’m thrilled that you loved your lashes! If ever you want Nova Lash Eyelash Extensions again, let me know. Thank you for letting me do your lashes!

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