Flavor Battle


My good friend and a Miami FAVORITE – DJ Irie is competing in the McDonald’s Flavor Battle! Who knew the “golden arches” were so down for an element of hip-hop!?!? The national DJ competition has Irie facing off against the legendary Salt-N-Pepa DJ, Spinderella and songwriter/producer Bryan-Michael Cox.

In this “spin off,” each DJ is reppin’ their own Mickey D’s burger, the Third Pound Angus (Irie), Big Mac (Spin) and the Double Quarter Pounder w/Cheese (B. Cox), and then people can vote for each DJ based on their old-school, new-school and R&B mixes.

The competition is now winding down in its final two weeks…so make sure to VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! http://365black.com Personally I think the Third Pound Angus burger is the way to go…I’m just sayin’!! 🙂 “FLAVOR BATTLE” anybody?? I hope IRIE wins…maybe that’ll mean free burgers FOR LIFE!! lol …writing this is making me HUNGRY!!

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