When in Rome…

I LOVED this movie! So cute, original and refreshing – a totally new approach to the ‘romantic comedy’ genre!! Kristen Bell plays the career-oriented single gal who’s had her heart broken too many times and is starting to give up on the idea of “LOVE.” Ladies..I know ya’ll feel me on that! Anyway, her “luck” takes an interesting turn when she goes to Rome for her sister’s wedding and the story unfolds from there. This film has humor, charm, wit and it’s just fun! It stays away from the typical and injects other true to life scenario’s and events, so you can’t help but to smile! 🙂 BTW, Josh Duhamel is looking very cute  as her love interest in the movie as well… But yes, WATCH THIS, it’s not just for the ladies!! The only thing I wasn’t too keen on is the film’s title…but I enjoyed it so much, they can call it what they want!

AND — while watching, I couldn’t help but reminisce about when I was in Rome 3 years ago with my sisters…

They LOVED me and the sisters in Rome…the pizza-makers surprised us with “special” heart-shaped pizzas! Ahhh, the memories…of LUV!!

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