OTF: 305

I just edited my final episode of On The Flipside for 2010! It’s been another great year, slowed down a bit, but definitely had fun putting all this great content together and thankful for everyone who helps me get it done!! On this episode, I used the American Airlines Arena in downtown Miami as my backdrop (hence 305) and we’ve got highlights from Juwan Howard’s “Juice Foundation” fashion show launch, the ribbon-cutting for Baltimore Ravens Ray Lewis new real estate endeavor, then the Miami Dolphins have gone to the dogs! Actually some of the players posed with their dogs for a (charity) calendar… plus we go to the Sucka Free to profile 49ers Gold Rush member Jasmin… Press play below!!

For ALL the episodes visit: http://ontheflipsidetv.com

Here’s a pic of me at the Juice Foundation event. Photo courtesy of NLPG Images.

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