I spent last weekend on a houseboat in Lake Berryessa to celebrate my sister Ade’s 30th Birthday! It was my first time for a houseboat and you know my sister had to do it up big pimpin’ style, so she got the MEGA, 70 foot boat with a jacuzzi and slide off the top!

Of course we started the adventure with a champagne toast…


My sister ADE looked ravishing to say the least…I need to get on her workout plan!!!


All my siblings were aboard for the ride, a couple cousins from LA and a handful of my sister’s friends also made the voyage… **ADE has a thing for wigs and she has an alter ego, “CoCo.”


Here’s a look down the slide…I went down one time! The current in this spot was actually pretty strong, so you know…I didn’t want to get “carried” away! lol


We also did some karaoke singing on ADE”s magic mic, it’s one of her favorite things to do…so why not, right? We’re on a boat. In this picture (below), Alison is donning the “Snookie” wig…


All in all a very cool experience and the lake was so serene and empty really, so we had the lake pretty much to ourselves..and the weather was excellent. The one thing that trips me out though is that they turned this big boat over to us, and we had to drive it and anchor it, etc… UH, no one of the boat had EVER done that before..IN LIFE!! haha So, there was a bit of an adventure getting it (re) anchored in the dark…but we survived and it gives me a story to tell!! The peaceful morning view was priceless…

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  1. How fun!!! The slide looks amazing! I want to try that one day! Dee’s dirty 30 is coming up soon too, our little sisters are getting old like us too 🙂

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