The Boiling Crab

I’ve been hearing so much about “The Boiling Crab,” so it was nice to finally be able to experience it! All I had heard is it’s a bit messy and basically they put wax paper down on the table and serve you your food in plastic bags…no utensils! lol

And — so true…I def got down and dirty!! I opted for the Snow Crab Legs at the “mild” level…uh, well mild is pretty darn spicy! Then, my baby sis, Bologna, came up with this thing that she is allergic to the shells of shellfish, not eating the meat. So basically, that meant I had to crack all the crab for her! LOL I totally didn’t mind, but I couldn’t crack the crab fast enough..haha We also chowed down on a bucket of deep fried shrimp, corn on the cob and cajun fries — ALL GOOD!!

As you can see…I went INNNN! This is not the place to be all dainty and proper…they throw it down on the table, the you throw it down on the table!


Alison stayed pretty “clean” because I was doing all the crackin’ for her…and my Mom managed to not get too dirty herself, going through her bag of clams – she said the “MED” spice was a bit much for her…haha We had lots of water.


If you go, don’t forget the wet naps! 🙂

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