I was fortunate enough to catch this show as it passed through Miami last weekend…and not only did it exceed my expectations, but it provided me with a great evening filled with music and dance!! I would have to say I’m not a “cirque” person. I’ve been to a couple shows and I’m just not THAT into acro and contortionists, etc.. I mean I can appreciate it for 30 min, but not for 2 hours! LOL So, I was weary of how the MJ-themed cirque show would fare in my mind… Well, I was BLOWN AWAY! From start to finish, the music made me feel good and helped me to “Remember the Time” and reminisce about all the great memories I associate with Michael Jackson and his music – a 3rd grade slumber party where we watched “Thriller” over and over, or how my Grandfather purchased me my own “glove,” and dancing around to his music at family parties with my cousins… 🙂

The stage is AHHHHHMMMMAAAAAAZZZZZING!! From the use of big screens, LED lights, props, effects, etc…. completely mind-blowing. The performers are energetic and fun to watch, costuming is perfect and the interpretations of the music are spot on! I kept sitting back wondering, who dreams this stuff up? I mean the choreography, the tech effects, just every visual and coordinating it all…it’s quite the production.

The featured performers are all fantastic…SOOOO flexible, precise and entertaining: aerialists, tap dancers, breakers, musicians, gymnasts, and so much more!! There’s this one pole dancer who mesmerized me with her strength, balance and grace… a pair of elephants that reminded me of Chinese dragon dancers also stand out, as I think about my favorite moments in the show. If you have a chance to see this show on tour…don’t miss it!!!

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