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19 02 2009
Richard (21:18:44) :

I would like to see your stuff up on iTunes that way it will go directly to my iPhone.

3 05 2009
Eric Dye (12:58:02) :


What pro team did you dance for? I have enjoyed browsing your site. Enjoy the day!!

Eric Dye

26 05 2009
Alberto (20:59:34) :

Just beautiful ! Congratulations, good work !

13 07 2009
Calvin King (15:17:56) :

So proud to see someone really making it happen… Not much mainstream talent coming from the Bay Area anymore. Hope that we can brake the cycle and put the Bay back into its place…


14 08 2009
Charles (13:16:03) :

Very impressed with your body of work. I rather impressed with your tenacity and determination. God bless you,…


24 01 2010
shawnj (22:04:12) :

hey aubrey nice site, i like it when ya graphic comes out and talks, thats cute, so hope all is well, i done production with bay area cats but its time to see what mia is about, lets connect, j612

18 06 2010
Flo'Jo (13:28:03) :

Im tryna link up I like yah wrk

25 10 2010
richard francis (11:48:23) :

Aubrey, I love this new blog. I did not know you were with Abrams in NY. My partner Robert R. Blume (google him) is good friends with mark. We (as managers, separate & together) work with a few top agents in NYC. Don Buckwald is one.

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