Everyone knows I’m a “jeans and a top” kind of gal… So when my good friend Mo told me about this custom fit online jean retailer that even allows you to pick and choose every detail of the pant, I had to check it out! It’s very cool and reasonably priced (comprable to what you’d pay in a major dept. store), it’s sort of fun to be able to put eveyrthing you like into the “perfect pair!” For example, I prefer dark denim with a low rise (I feel short-waisted) and bootcut, cuz my calves need the room! I’m sure it’s especially helpful for chicas with length issues or shapes that don’t fit the cookie cutter! All you have to do is enter your waist measurement (around the belly button) and they calculate the rest based on your height, weight, etc… AND – I found it amusing when I had to answer questions about how flat my stomach is or how much my booty sticks out! lol But, you gotta be honest so that they can make sure your jeans fit!! Check em out at

Trends that keep Coming Back

Trends that keep coming back…I took a look at some of women’s most popular styles that don’t ever seem to go away >>> safe buys!! It’s the distressed denim, bold/dangling earrings and platform sandals…as well as animal prints, babydolls and skinny jeans! Thanks to Bloomie’s and Downtown Divas!