Miami HEAT :: Harlem Shake

I had to post this…just can’t get enough of this video!!! πŸ™‚ So, this Harlem Shake “craze” has been making the rounds and everyone is getting in on the action with their own version. Well, the Miami HEAT (in my opinion) have made the best video hands down!!! I love that these guys aka millionaires, did the video as a team effort, and it’s so great to see them show off a fun side and be able to laugh at themselves being silly…and make me/others laugh and smile too! πŸ™‚

And — if you couldn’t tell who’s who…here’s a quick rundown:

Some of the mysterious characters in the #HarlemShake video: Horse = Shane Battier, Nacho Libre = Joel Anthony, Kanye Bear = Dwyane Wade, Phantom = Ray Allen, Mime = Rashard Lewis

What To Expect…

Screen shot 2012-05-15 at 3.29.19 PM

New movie “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” opens up in theaters, Friday, May 18…but I got a sneak peek last night! Overall the film is really well done…it explores the myths, fears, trials and tribulations of going through the motions when trying to conceive and then getting pregnant. Since the movie features a star-studded ensemble cast with Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Rock, Matthew Morrison, Elizabeth Banks, Dennis Quaid, etc… the film offers several story lines, exploring an array of scenarios and situations which goes to show there are MANY ways to be “expecting!” I really enjoyed that the movie wasn’t overdone and stayed true to form, I didn’t feel like the characters were forced to be tied to each other, nor was it overkill…I thought it was the perfect mix of giving insight into each couple’s perspective. Although the movie is a comedy, it has some serious moments, where I almost shed a tear…but maybe that’s because my emotions are at an all-time high since I AM EXPECTING too!! πŸ˜‰


Yep, that’s me at 30 weeks (currently I have 7 to go)…but getting back to the movie…the first “baby item” I picked up when I got the good news, was the best-selling book the movie is based on, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” And — since I am literally living the experience myself, it was only right I screened the film to put in my 2 cents. I felt I most related to the situation played out by Cameron Diaz and Matthew Morrison’s characters, and it was fun to relate and see the role reversal of what me and T are pretty much going through as we countdown to our baby’s arrival. It’s kinda validation that I’m not acting CRAZY (at times) and he’s just doing what expecting Dad’s do too!! All the “weird stuff” is perfectly NORMAL.

Now another fun surprise in the movie was a cameo appearance by none other than the Miami HEAT’s Dwyane Wade! He plays himself as a contestant on a dance show…watch him talk about that On The Flipside

All in all, the movie is a great time, with a fun cast and whether you are expecting, already been there done that or are looking forward to the experience at some point in your lifetime, it’s got something for everyone and worth watching!!

New OTF Segments

A few new segments have been posted On the Flipside in the past month or so… I haven’t filmed any new “full” episodes, but that doesn’t mean the content stops! You can watch below and visit for more!!! πŸ™‚

Red Bull shows us how they welcome NBA All-Star Point Guard Deron Williams to their family!

Miami HEAT superstar Dwyane Wade talks about his latest kicks, the Fly Wade 2.

On The Flipside teams up with Bay Tiger Video Productions to film highlights of a rare, Bay Area appearance by Mike Tyson! The meet and greet took place at Undisputed Boxing Gym where Tyson personally autographed an exclusive lithograph for fans and posed for photos!

OTF: Episode 33!!!

Another episode of On The Flipside is here!! For this edition I used the Pro Football Cheerleader Alumni Reunion in Vegas as the backdrop and filled it with lots of fun! πŸ™‚

On this show we’ve got Dwyane Wade at a charity basketball event in Beijing, China, interviews with Brad Pitt for his new baseball flick, Moneyball, a flashback with the SF 49ers on their first Super Bowl win and a SEXY look at the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders and their calendar reveal event! Go now >>

OTF: Episode 30 from Maui

It’s a milestone..EPISODE 30 for On The Flipside!! And on this special episode, my sister Adrienne helped me shoot the intros and wraps while we were on vacay in Maui (you know I always multi-task)! This show features a photo shoot with NBA star Dwyane Wade, separate sit down interviews with the NFL’s Santonio Holmes and Ronnie Brown…and we can’t forget the Sideline Distraction feature on an Orlando Magic dancer! See this and all the episodes at

OTF Santa Monica

After some procrastination and a re-shoot…my newest edition of On The Flipside is online! The location for this show is at the Santa Monica Pier, and my cousin Marie helped me get it done. This episode feature “The Summer Groove” hosted by Zo and Dwade at the Seminole Hard Rock, WBC Champ Andre Berto and his Maserati as well as DJ Irie’s “Irie Weekend” and San Francisco Gold Rush dancer Chris! Watch it and all the other episodes at

The Summer Groove…


I hit the red carpet at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino this past weekend for The Summer Groove “Comedy Jam.”


The annual event is hosted by Alonzo Mourning and Dwyane Wade…


DWade hit the carpet with Gaby Union … a first public appearance as a couple!
*Note I was the first to “tweet” it! πŸ™‚


AND – Boston Celtic Rajon Rondo came through for his very first “Summer Groove!”


The Comedy Jam is highlighted by a who’s who list of comedians…here’s a shot of Gary Owen who made a back to back appearance coming off his performance from last year’s event.


Look out for all the video highlights and interviews coming soon On The Flipside!

Shouts to Magical Photos for the shots…



WOW! Dwyane Wade is staying, Chris Bosh has arrived and LeBron James is on his way! Who would’ve ever predicted a year ago that these 3 All-Stars would be playing for the Miami HEAT!?

While Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade had made their Miami announcement yesterday…I wasn’t convinced LBJ would be joining them. I guess in my heart (and being an NBA fan,) I couldn’t help but think LeBron in NYC was best for the game…plus I like the Knicks coaching staff (PHX alums) – BUT I am happy he’s in Miami and going to play for the HEAT!


I drove by the American Airlines Arena shortly after the announcement where fans were honking and celebrating in the streets…they also had the ESPN special airing on the gigantic mesh screen on the front of the arena… The news vans were stacked up along Biscayne BLVD and there is a vibe of new life in the Magic City air!

So, it seems South Beach will now be HOTTER than ever..and maybe I gotta figure out a way to stay…honestly I had felt like I had outgrown Miami, but this is incentive to try and grow my role with the HEAT and HEAT TV. Regardless, expect to see me and my boy Burnie in the stands come game time! πŸ™‚