Campus Insiders

This weekend I’m turning in “social scene” reports for digital TV show Campus Insiders… It’s a crazy busy time in South Florida with the BCS championship going down Monday night at Sun Life Stadium. And with that, thousands of college students and fans reppin’ Notre Dame and Alabama have descended upon the Sunshine State!

Casting for “CoCo Girls”

Please spread the word and post about the “CoCo Girls” Casting coming up THIS WEDNESDAY, Dec 21 in Coral Springs. The “CoCo Girls” will be ambassadors for the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek and will consist of a dance/show team (NFL/NBA style) and the CoCo Girls will also have the opportunity to work FT as Blackjack Dealers in the casino’s “party pit” with a minimum salary of $50k/yr. Casino will pay to have you trained/certified as a dealer. Must be 18+.

Coco Girls Final

Any promo or appearances “CoCo Girls” do in addition to blackjack dealer will receive additional compensation, (i.e. practices, performances, etc…). We’re looking at a minimum of 8 appearances/performances per month…

I will be directing the “CoCo Girls” and I am definitely looking for classy, well-rounded dancers, like you see in the NFL or NBA. There will be a short choreographed number to learn and perform for the panel, so please come prepared to dance too!

**This is a great opportunity for dancers who are looking for steady work and a flexible schedule!**

You can also find the info here by Clicking on ‘CoCo Girls’ tab on left column –>

Any questions, please ask me. Also if you can’t make this audition (short notice) but are interested, let me know because if I don’t find what I want this time, we will possibly hold another audition!

Maker’s 46

Maker’s Mark launched its FIRST new product EVER, Maker’s 46 in South Florida last night!


Maker’s Mark enjoyed a successful launch event at Fort Lauderdale’s Yolo Restaurant & Lounge in Fort Lauderdale on July 19, 2010. The bourbon brand brought its first-ever new product to the South Florida market with a tasting event attended by local tastemakers and members of the media. Those in attendance were treated to a variety of cocktails mixed with Maker’s 46, as well as exclusive Marker’s Mark glasses, dipped to mimic the Maker’s 46 red, hand-dipped bottles. The Maker’s Mark Brand Ambassador was also on hand to provide event attendants with an education about this brand new, exciting bourbon.


Only 25,000 cases of Maker’s 46 will be shipped by the distillery this year, and South Florida is one of the lucky markets to receive part of the first batch.


I don’t really hang out in Fort Lauderdale all that often, but Yolo’s on Las Olas is a nice spot and the food was yummy!


I even ran into a couple of the “400 Life” folks…


Just chatting it up…


The Maker’s 46 Ambassador and Hostess for the evening…


Just another day in the Ft. Laudy!


Bubbles and Bubbles

Here’s a twist on your trip to the spa…the Ritz Carlton in Fort Lauderdale has a “Bubbles and Bubbles” package that includes lunch…so you get a Champagne-laced scrub and massage, followed up by a lunch with the same ingredients used in the spa treatment!