Inception…where do I begin!?!? This film is a complex, fantasmic (yes, I’m making up this word because ‘fantasy’ is not enough), mind-blowing ride that put my brain to the test. I went into this screening without really knowing anything about it, so instead of sitting back to relax and simply “watch” the film…I was sucked into a layered story where the lines between reality, fantasy and dream are blurred form the jump! It’s tough to answer the question “Is it good?” I mean, it’s a crazy wild ride that will have your wheels turning from start to end. Leonardo DiCaprio did a GREAT job in the leading role, paying this expert (mind) “extractor” who is battling his own issues within his mind and subconscious. There is action and a sense of adventure, fantasy and suspense…weaved in with a love story and action-filled scenes. There are some very cool special effects too, but I think it’s the unthinkable, yet believable story line that makes it so great! It’s an uber crazy concept about our dreams and the power of the mind while we sleep… I do have a few dream books that I’ll look at from time to time to maybe help me understand what last night’s dream was all about, but Inception introduces ideas and takes imagination to a whole ‘nother level. It feels like any dream you’ve had on any given night that felt so real, but when you wake up you realize it never even happened! Joseph Gordon-Levitt co-stars in this film as DiCaprio’s right hand, he’s come a long way from 10 Things I Hate About You! I also enjoyed the beautifully sweet Marion Cotilliard from Public Enemies, who is also in the film as DiCaprio’s wife who’s sort of caught in the “matrix.” Overall it is a wonderful film, so original and thought-provoking, compared to what’s been out as of late. My best advice is to literally go into it with a clear head, cuz this movie had my head (and thoughts) spinning for hours after exiting the theater!