Audition Season

Pro Team Cheer and Dance Audition season is in full swing! It used to start in the spring with NFL, but these days it seems like a year round business, with the ultra competitive NFL Cheerleader tryouts, followed by NBA Dance Team auditions, being the highlight of the “season.”

It’s not uncommon for women to train year round to either keep their spot on a squad, or audition for entry onto one of these prestigious organizations! The key to “joining the club” is to be a great performer with the “total” package, and to be successful you’ve got to have all your bases covered. From dance technique, to audition wear, hair and makeup presentation, speaking skills, fitness and more…it takes a LOT of thought and preparation to BE READY. And — the best way to have you game face ready at tryout time is to take prep classes and/or personalized coaching to put your best foot forward! Many of the teams offer workshops to help candidates prepare, and companies like Going Pro Entertainment, also host prep classes to help these ladies put their best foot forward!

Check out this video from the 2013 Houston Going Pro Expo!

Next stop is Miami on Sunday, March 10 >>

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And — Going Pro will be in Atlanta area on Sunday May 5th!!

OTF: Episode 33!!!

Another episode of On The Flipside is here!! For this edition I used the Pro Football Cheerleader Alumni Reunion in Vegas as the backdrop and filled it with lots of fun! 🙂

On this show we’ve got Dwyane Wade at a charity basketball event in Beijing, China, interviews with Brad Pitt for his new baseball flick, Moneyball, a flashback with the SF 49ers on their first Super Bowl win and a SEXY look at the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders and their calendar reveal event! Go now >>

2009 Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders


I spent last Saturday at the Aventura Mall judging the final round of the 2009 Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders auditions. The day started early and there were some tough decision made, but at the end of the day, 42 women were selected to represent the team. The auditions consisted of a choreography performed in groups of 5, a one-minute solo routine, as well as kick line and interviews (private, earlier in the week). I have never had to dance in an “open” audition like this, so I can only imagine the added extra pressure with everyone’s friends and family’s watching, in addition to the other fans and mall shoppers!


I sat among a fun panel of judges who made the process enjoyable, but we did have a few arguments when it came down to the wire.


During the competition I sat between Lorenzo “Ice Tea” Thomas from 99 Jamz/WEDR, on my right and Dolphins Alumni Shawn Wooden, to my left. These guys impressed me with their dance knowledge and had credible feedback. In the end, went to bat for a few girls, who I truly felt deserved a shot…and I’m happy they’re getting a chance. Thanks to Emily and Dori for bringing me on for the event and congratulations to the 2009 Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders!

Cheerleaders to Triathletes


I’m still recovering from a busy weekend! I headed to Dolphin Stadium early Saturday morning to judge the first round of Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders auditions…I do not miss auditioning, but it was fun to reminisce about those days, as I watched nearly 200 women try and dance their way to a spot on the team. I will say the “freestyle” dancing in South Florida is different from how we dance out West, but maybe it’s a generational gap too! lol I’m looking forward to the final round at Aventura Mall on April 18, when I’ll help select the new team for next season, and see the veteran ladies from last year join in and fight to keep their spots! Below is a picture of me with one of my judge-mates, former NFL player, Louis Oliver… at one point he turned to me and said, “I don’t know how you ever put yourself through this!”


After a tough Saturday of listening to the same song over and over at auditions, I was on Miami Beach before the sun came up on Sunday, for the Nautica South Beach Triathlon…over 1400 participants…who knew!?!?


Michelle Williams (Destiny’s Child) sang the national anthem and Anna Kournikova ran on a celeb relay team, while former “bachelor” star, Andy Baldwin took first place in the celeb division, finishing all three events in about an hour and a half…I’d still be swimming! ha BTW…the last picture is what I look like when I get up to work before the break of dawn! Anyway, the interviews were great and should turn up On The Flipside soon…