Buster Posey x Body Armor


I’m not a big baseball fan, but sometimes I do interview baseball players… Today I headed into San Francisco to interview World Series Champion of the San Francisco Giants Buster Posey, at a Body Armor Super Drink event being held at Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep, for Bay Area HQ. It was pretty fun as he surprised all the high school kids by popping up at their school for the event.

He talked about sports, being their age and how important it is to stay hydrated and think about nutrition at their age, as well as be physically active. In my interview with him, he was very nice and we reminisced a little about his high school days, who he may offer one of his famous “Buster Hugs” to — specifically which of his fellow Body Armor athletes like James Harden, Klay Thompson, Kobe Bryant, Rob Gronkowski, Richard Sherman, Andrew Luck, etc… and he also revealed he may want to do some acting!! πŸ™‚ Press play below to see my chat with Buster Posey.

Gear Up and Represent Bay Area Sports

Fall is here and the NFL football season is in full swing, MLB playoffs are upon us and another NBA season is just around the corner. So if you’re looking to get some gear that’s not your typical “sports” t-shirts and sayings, check out www.tonypsd.bigcartel.com

I’m working with Tony on some new graphics for my newest passion project – look out for that, but in the meantime I wanted to share some of his fun designs reppin’ the Bay! πŸ™‚ I know Oakland A’s fans (old and new) need some fresh gear for the playoffs & SF Giants fans represent for the Sucka Free regardless.

And — some examples of the designs for the Raider Nation and 49er Faithful…

Let’s not forget the Golden State Warriors who are poised for another incredible season or the San Jose Sharks!!

Alright, alright…be sure to check it out!! www.tonypsd.bigcartel.com



Take Me Out To The Ball Game

I took in a ball game Friday night at (Miami) Marlins Park! The facility is brand new this year, and it’s a really cool place to watch a game and escape the South Florida “elements.” It has a retractable roof, which has been closed every time I’ve watched a game there so far, but even when it’s closed, it still has an outdoorsy feel.


This last game the Phillies were visiting the Marlins and we had really awesome seats behind home plate! Now, I’ve never been a baseball/MLB fan, but having been to a few games at this new park and consciously trying to focus on the game, I think I’m actually getting into it! I’m learning who the players are, about strategy, understanding the rules and stats better… πŸ™‚


Anyway, another one of my favorite features/details at this new park is the aquarium, well huge fish tank they have, that sits on the ground, wrapping around home plate! Next time you watch a game, when they show a shot of the guy at bat, look past him to the tank! Don’t mind the shoe in this photo either…get beyond it! haha


Finally, they have this huge sculpture “thing” that sits in the back of the park, which apparently will light up and move around when the Marlins hit a home run…Β  When you see it, you’re kinda like WTH is that!?!? Now, I’m just waiting for someone to hit a home run when I’m there so I can see all of it’s fancy bells and whistles go off!! haha As you can see in the photo, the park also has it’s very own “Clevelander,” so South Beach, so Miami…and from what I hear tons of fun! If you go, don’t forget your 2-piece, they’ve got a pool in there where you can take a dip AND still get a great view of the game.