Organic Eco Chic

Popular fashion labels like Victoria’s Secret “PINK” and Sanctuary are offering “organic” alternatives to their clothing, so there’s the “regular” and “organic” versions! Also, Physician’s Formula has come out with the first 100% Organic Mascara and L’Occitane has an all-over body moisturizer to refresh your skin, the freshest (you mix it yourself) and there’s no preservatives added!

Yummy In My Tummy

For all the Mom’s…a fresh, organic “baby” food maker in South Florida. It’s called “Yummy in my Tummy.” A friend of mine, Heather, tipped me off to it, since she loves it for her young son and it’s really one of a kind! The “Stage 3” Chile, Tomato Basil Pasta and Cous Cous dishes definitely took me by suprise!