2009 Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders


I spent last Saturday at the Aventura Mall judging the final round of the 2009 Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders auditions. The day started early and there were some tough decision made, but at the end of the day, 42 women were selected to represent the team. The auditions consisted of a choreography performed in groups of 5, a one-minute solo routine, as well as kick line and interviews (private, earlier in the week). I have never had to dance in an “open” audition like this, so I can only imagine the added extra pressure with everyone’s friends and family’s watching, in addition to the other fans and mall shoppers!


I sat among a fun panel of judges who made the process enjoyable, but we did have a few arguments when it came down to the wire.


During the competition I sat between Lorenzo “Ice Tea” Thomas from 99 Jamz/WEDR, on my right and Dolphins Alumni Shawn Wooden, to my left. These guys impressed me with their dance knowledge and had credible feedback. In the end, went to bat for a few girls, who I truly felt deserved a shot…and I’m happy they’re getting a chance. Thanks to Emily and Dori for bringing me on for the event and congratulations to the 2009 Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders!