Everyone always teases me about how many friends I have that are getting it’s always a wedding, shower, bachelorette party, etc… and well yes, honestly there have been and continue to be a lot for those said events! At any rate, I just spent another 48 hours in Sin City, this time for my home girl Carol!!

I met Carol years ago when we were in college I was at SJSU and she went to CSU Hayward…is it CSU East Bay now!??! Anyway, over the years we have taken many girl trips and she’s always been there for me. We even traveled to Australia together in 2002!! This trip was SO MUCH FUN! It was a great time being silly and getting all dolled up with these girls who kept me laughing all weekend. I call this crew the “Santa Clara” crew, since that’s where they’re all from (Norma, Claire, Roselle & Arlyn – who is not pictured) …and we go way back to high school!!

I love the background of this picture (above) which is actually the wall outside of our hotel, Vdara at the new City Center. Those were my roomies for the weekend…we had an awesome suite!! 🙂

Night 1 we went to XS at Encore…good times!!

One of the highlights of the night was my $100 (tip) chip for being a “good luck charm” at the craps table!!

I LOVE this shot of me and Claire walking through Wynn as we were leaving…

The next day our feet were still sore, but we got up and headed to brunch…and you know we all were on the SAME PAGE cuz everyone got the “green” memo! LOL Total coincidence, but we all rocked the color of $MONEY$ … 🙂

And — stopped by the Vdara pool…still HOT in October!

Night 2 we did some traditional “bachelorette” party activities…

..then dinner at Aria and out to Haze nightclub. *Note – I did not get the everyone wear black except the “bride-to-be” memo! haha But hey, gray is the new black..just a lighter shade!!

All in all, such GREAT times with good friends!!

Viva Las Vegas

My final stop during an August-long travel spree for work and play ended in Vegas for Riza’s bachelorette party! The party actually started Thursday night, but due to my work obligations I joined in Friday and as soon as I landed we headed to JET Nightclub at the Mirage.

It was great seeing the ESSJ crew, especially Maureen, Riza and Rowena, who I have known for more than half of my life.

Screen shot 2010-08-30 at 4.34.38 PM

Val, Rose and Carrie were also rockin’ with the best! 😉

The girls from LA LA Land came out to celebrate too…. 🙂

I will also take credit for coaxing the bride-to-be to dance on the stage!!

Then, we somehow started club hopping on our way to XS and ended up in “King Inc.” for a while, where we met an artist by the name of H*Wood

He has a song called Could It Be You (Punk Rock Chick) – honestly , I’d never hard the song before, but Rowena knew all the words! lol

The next day we headed to Wet Republic at MGM.

It is a CRAZY poolside party out there….

Then, after the girls left I stayed another day to hang out with some of my favorite Kiddo’s…Jayme, Jaylin and Jayson. Sunday after church we went to Hooters…and I had to educate them that “Hooters” refers to the noise an owl makes… 😀

And because I am so “inspirational” to the younger generations…Jayme decided to dress like her Auntie Aubrey!

And before I headed back to the airport, no Vegas trip is complete without stopping by Town Square!

The Hangover

“What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” …but sometimes it’s hard to remember exactly what happened in Sin City! For this special edition of On The Flipside, Aubrey Aquino sits down with Hangover star Bradley Cooper to talk about the film and what it was like to work with the former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, Mike Tyson. Iron Mike makes an impressive cameo in the movie, and shows off his flipside with a rendition of In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins!