Women Sports Film Festival


This past week I was lucky enough to host the inaugural Women Sports Film Festival in Oakland at The New Parkway theater. It was an incredibly fun vibe and I had the pleasure of introducing and moderating the post-screening Q&A sessions for 2 of the films.

The festival’s mission is this:

Using the power of documentary film we celebrate female athletes and the filmmakers who bring their stories to the screen.

Kudos to the women who put this event together and I can only see much more success in their future, now that they’ve tapped into a genre and market that’s shine is long overdue.

The opening night documentary was “TRex: Her Fight for Gold,” the story of Flint, Michigan’s Claressa Shields and her journey to an Olympic Gold medal in London 2012. She is now seeking to defend her gold in Rio. It will premiere on PBS, Tuesday, August 2, 2016 s part of the Independent Lens series by ITVS.


The other documentary screening I hosted was “Althea,” about tennis champion Althea Gibson. She was the first African-American to play at Wimbledon and Forest Hills. Both of these documentaries are well worth the watch!

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 1.21.14 PM

Now, I can’t wait to do it all again next year!

UM Symposium

I had the pleasure of being a guest panelist for the Student & Alumni Career Symposium at University of Miami this past week.

The panel discussion I participated in centered around Sports & Entertainment and the role Social Media is now playing in the industry, in terms of news gathering, marketing, interaction (i.e. fan/athelete), etc… So, LOTS of angles to talk about!! ..and perfect for me since I’ve worked on all sides, in sports/entertainment for the organizations, and then on the media side, as well as creating my own grassroots social media campaign to launch On The Flipside!!

There were 5 panelists total with a moderator and we spoke to a packed room of eager ears and sponge-like minds…GREAT audience! Sebastian Rusk sat to my left during the discussion and provided these photos via Social Buzz TV

I really enjoyed being able to share my experience, opinion and knowledge…but it is different talking in front of a live, captive audience, as opposed to doing one on one interviews in the field and or speaking directly into a camera..contrary to what people might think! ha

Who knows…maybe my next step will be an entry into academia!?!? **Side note: I mean, my Dad just took a job as a visiting professor at a University, now that he’s retired, so maybe it’s in my blood! And actually, I’ll be sitting on another panel or moderating next week for Johnson and Wales University – http://www.sportsagentblog.com/2012/04/02/johnson-wales-university-3rd-annual-sports-entertainment-events-conference/

At any rate, it’s always refreshing to be surrounded by the “young bucks,” who are passionate and eager to make their mark…and even more flattering when they came up to me after the event to introduce themselves and ask me for advice and share their dreams/goals with me. I love helping those who ask questions, show interest and actively work toward creating their future!

2012 Audition Prep Classes

Every year, hundreds of women pour their heart, mind, soul and body’s into auditioning for various Pro Sports Dance and Cheer Teams. I have worn an audition number, stood in line with the masses for my chance to dance, and so I KNOW what the experience is like. Thankfully I have been successful and have reached my goals of being selected for a coveted spot on one of those teams. Now that I’ve hung up my dance shoes, I work as a consultant and regional director for Going Pro Entertainment…and every year the company puts on “dance conventions” all over the country, designed to help audition hopefuls be ready and be their personal best for these once a year NFL, NBA, AFL, etc.. auditions. This year I am again coordinating events in the Bay Area (Northern California) and Miami, FL.

Another GREAT benefit of our workshops is that there are open to current dancers as well. Perhaps you are on a college dance team or semi-pro team that doesn’t have a big budget for choreography, however…by attending our events, you will learn 2 routines and 4 sidelines to take back and use for your own performances, so we encourage teams to send a couple if not all their dancers to be part of this exciting day! And — it’s always a wonderful refresher for alumni who’ve taken time off and want to get back in the groove before auditioning again.

All our events are staffed by former dancers, director and choreographers from Pro Sports Teams and we have the advice, tips and insider info you need to put your best foot forward! Of course we encourage you to always attend the “prep classes” for the specific team that you are interested in being part of, to be audition ready. Going Pro conventions offer that extra “edge” and additional help some of you may seek and it’s another opportunity to meet like-minded women who are also going through the process. Plus, since we are not the actual team reps for specific auditions, it’s no pressure, ask any questions and have fun!

West Coast (Bay Area) Pro Dance is Sunday, January 29 in San Jose!
For more info & sign up >> http://westcoastprodance2012.eventbrite.com/

Miami (South Florida) Pro Dance is Sunday, February 19 in North Miami!
For info and to register >> http://miamiprodance2012-eorg.eventbrite.com/

All other Going Pro Conventions, including DC, Atlanta, Arizona…
For the complete list >> http://procheerallstars-eorg.eventbrite.com/