The Flood Never Ended

My artist Jae Millz released his latest mixtape yesterday, “The Flood Never Ended.” It’s the 4th installment in “The Flood ” series and this one plays more like a street album with no freestyles! Music on this “DJ Ill Will and DJ Rockstar present” CD release, also features VADO, Yo Gotti, Show Tufli, Meek Mill and Tity Biy.

Listen and download NOW! DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar present: THE FLOOD NEVER ENDED Welcome Home Weezy Edition >>

And… *The first 100 (t-shirt) orders at will receive a signed copy of “The Flood Never Ended!” LEGGGOOO


Also, check out this video for “Remain In The Sky” …one of the songs off The Flood Never Ended. Video directed and edited by Wolph Creations.


2 new music releases hit iTunes and nationwide on store shelves yesterday… first up, Far East Movement with “Free Wired.” The album features the hits “Girls on the Dance Floor” and “Like a G6.” It was executive produced both by FM & Stereotypes. Shouts to Jon Street, Ray Ro and Jerm Beats ..PROUD OF YOU!!!

I have been watching these guys (Stereotypes) through the years and I know how much hard work and dedication has gone into their music, I consider them family and encourage everyone to support this project!! Buy 1 or 2 or 3!!!

Download Free Wired on iTunes –

Next up is VADO’s SLime Flu release, this mixtape by Harlem’s own has a huge buzz behind it and the streets are paying attention. It’s been months in the making and Hip Hop fans are happy it’s finally here. Don’t sleep on this one!


Get the SLime Flu on iTunes now –

SLime Flu T-Shirt

“Slime Flu” fans can now get the first look at the Crooks & Castles design in partnership with Harlem rapper VADO and NYC stores Vault/Goliath. The graphic is iconic with the Crooks line of street wear, putting a “Slime Flu” spin on their ever-popular ‘Medusa’ shirt with a ‘Bandito’ look!


VADO will release his exclusive “Slime Flu” shirt collaboration Thursday, May 20, 2010 at 6pm, during an in-store Meet and Greet and “Slime Flu” mixtape listening session at Vault in Harlem. The limited edition tee falls in line with VADO’s highly anticipated “Slime Flu” mixtape, which will officially infect the streets at the end of May. The custom shirts will be available for sale in limited quantity and are only available at Vault/Goliath stores until they sell out! This is VADO’s first collaboration with Crooks & Castles and Vault/Goliath.

AND – DJ Drama, Cam’ron and VADO came out with Boss of All Bosses 2.5 earlier this week….


You can get your copy here:

Big Apple Adventure

I recently returned home from a trip to New York. My good friend Grace met me there (coming from LA) and it was her FIRST time ever in NYC, so I had to share with her what I love about the city that never sleeps!

Our first day there, we were tired from our flights, but hit the streets immediately! After checking in at our hotel (Hudson Hotel), we met another good friend of mine, the ‘Sneaker Sensei’ for lunch at Pio Pio.. (it was Cinco de Mayo, that’s the closest we could find to Mexican in the area)…lol Then, we walked by the Empire State building and made the first of several trips to H&M. I also ran into my buddy Mike Hill from ESPN, caught up with him for a second, before we went back to our hotel, grabbed some Pinkberry and got ready to see the newest Cirque du Soleil show, Banana Shpeel at the Beacon Theatre. Well, the theatre was beautiful, but the show not so much, although we did enjoy the girl who could twirl things on her 4 limbs while standing on her head and the Russian male “pole dancer.” So, we cut that show short and met up with another friend, CJ of Deep Foundation.

He took us to Times Square, we ate at Junior’s and of course had the cheesecake!


Remember this is Grace’s first time to NYC, so she was in awe of pretty much everything she saw from the tall buildings to the lights, all the people, etc… BUT her favorite was having a heart attack every time we got into a taxi…thinking we were gonna crash!!

The next day I took Grace to see some of the shops on 5th Ave, but we eventually ended up at the CAVI NYC showroom with the homie Phil…that’s a regular stop for me, every time I go to NY.

That evening after a quick change we headed over to Harlem Lanes for the Celebrity Strikeout event.


I did a little bit of work, while enjoying the event…I had to make sure VADO and Millz got some face time…

We briefly stopped by an after party, but NYC was kicking our butts and the shoes were expired….

Friday, Grace and I went downtown to check out the Statue of Liberty from Battery Park, we also went by Ground Zero and Wall St….but the highlight was going to see the one and only Anjelah Johnson who just happened to be headlining at Comix.

Some of my Miami friends were also in town (DJ Affect, Derick G and Mr. Bowtie South), so we had a nice group for the show…GOOD TIMES!


The next day we met up with Anjelah for some brunch and LOVED the corn “elote”…hehe


I think a common bond I have with most of my friends is that we all LOVE TO EAT! Here we are chowing down again at Philippe’s…me, Cipha, Anjelah, Veronica and Mitchell.


All in all, a very nice trip…although it did get extended by a couple days since my flight ended up getting canceled! ha


I have been busy setting up a collaboration event between VADO, Crooks & Castles and Vault/Goliath and now it’s just a week away! Look out for our other *SLime Flu* collabo “tour stops” in Miami and LA…it’s all in the works!! If you’re in NYC here are the details for May 20!!


Harlem hip hop artist VADO will release his exclusive “Slime Flu” shirt collaboration with Crooks & Castles and Vault/Goliath on Thursday, May 20, 2010 at 6pm. Fans are invited to join VADO and other celebrity guests, for an in-store Meet and Greet and “Slime Flu” mixtape listening session at Vault in Harlem. The limited edition Crooks & Castles designed tee falls in line with VADO’s highly anticipated “Slime Flu” mixtape, which will start infecting the streets at the end of May. The custom shirts will be available for sale in limited quantity and are expected to sell out! This is VADO’s first collaboration with Crooks & Castles and Vault/Goliath.

See you there!

Large On The Streets

Vado has been hard at work, in the studio, shooting videos and on his interview/media grind too. So, please do look out for that Boss of All Bosses 2.5 – should be out any day now… and SLime Flu will quickly follow!

Well, this past week Natty Photo reached out to us about shooting photos of Vado, and when I saw his work, I was very impressed, so we invited him along to Vado’s video shoot for “Large On The Streets” being directed and shot by Factory Media 15 Films. Here are a few behind the scenes still shots taken by Freddy (Natty Photo).


VADO with Cam


…and in another scene…


Thanks to Crooks N Castles for showin love with the gear…


And here’s a little teaser trailer for Large On The Streets…stay tuned for the video, COMING SOON!

Shout out to Jay Newz for being my extra set of “eyes and ears!”

XXL Freshmen ’10 Cover

Every year XXL Magazine releases an issue featuring a selection of (who they choose to label) the hot *NEW* FRESHMEN. I’m using “new” lightly because some of them aren’t exactly “new.” Anyway, there’s been some discussion and controversy (hip hop loves controversy) about who made the cover, who shouldn’t be on the cover and who SHOULD be on it. One of those artists who many feel should be on the cover is VADOCam’s protege and one of the artists I work with…and being that my other artist Jae Millz feels some kind of way about VADO *NOT* being selected in that class, he spoke on it with True Stories Radio …appreciate you Dutch!

Nonetheless, this interview has sparked a lot of debate, and it’s sort of funny to me that people ONLY hear what they want to hear and then proceed to take it to the next level, whether it be to take personal shots at Millz or interpret what he may or may not be saying, etc… Basically, my take is, he said he’s only familiar with half (5) of the rappers who made the XXL cover, he didn’t say those 5 all deserved to be on it or didn’t, he just said he only knew about half of them. Then he said he strongly feels VADO should’ve been included in that group.

So, it’s just funny to me because at no point did he say he, himself should be on it, or was he making direct comparisons…he just put it out there that he doesn’t agree with all of the choices! lol But, again, people just hear what they want and love to add fuel to the fire! See, this is what I like about Millz, is that he is passionate, and not afraid to speak his mind and stick by his statement. People who know me, know I’m outspoken just the same when I feel a certain kind of way…so I appreciate the raw, blunt, direct honesty!

Anyway, to sort of spin this whole XXL Freshmen cover thing…there’s a show going down tonight hosted by DJ Envy at the Highline Ballroom in NYC featuring performances by 6 of the artists who made that cover. Coincidentally, Cam’ron has been called in for a special performance and guess who he’s bringing out…VADO (ah, the irony)…and I wonder who might just make a cameo on stage with VADO!? Someone who has a lot to say and sticks by what he says… I’m just sayin’ … Millzy might just be there!! 😉

I’m sure tonight will be an unforgettable show with great up and coming artists, who’ve probably been on their grind much longer than we’ve known their names… and with Cam and VADO (U.N.) on stage, plus special cameo appearances…this is just what NYC needs to get (real) hip hop back on track! I won’t be there tonight, but I’ll be there in spirit and waiting to see pictures and video from the event!