100 Montaditos

I loved this place so much, I just had to blog about it! My friend introduced me to this “tapas” type restaurant (he had already been there several times) that was really good and very inexpensive, so I was with it – those 2 things generally make me happy! Well, I had no idea what a treat it would be to eat at 100 Montaditos! **SOOOOOO impressed, I just had to blog about it!

First off, it’s located at Midtown Miami, a place I frequent often to go to Target..but I had yet to notice this new spot. Second, beyond the idea of tapas…they are the cutest (and tastiest) “Montaditos” or tiny sandwiches. The restaurant itself is very appealing, cute modern style, with festive decor…that new but authentic look and feel. Last, it’s simple, the people are nice and it’s clean. P.S. They stay open late too!

Apparently the Miami location is the first in America, but there are some 200 locations worldwide – in France, Mexico, Portugal, and, mostly, in its hometown Spain. I think it’s an excellent concept…not sure why it’s just hit the States now, but I’m confident it’ll be coming to a neighborhood near you very soon! Actually, I should buy a franchise!!! Seriously, it doesn’t get much better than this…they have $1 Wednesdays when all the Montaditos are $1 and they have beer bucket deals on Friday…buy one get one. Even if it’s not a “deal” day, it’s super low cost. They’ve got screens in there too, so you can hang out and watch games.

Okay, so other than its smart (affordable) concept…it really is GOOD. I mean, usually we’ll compromise taste & quality when it’s “cheap” …but you can go in there and get 3 of these baby sandwiches for a buck each and be full AND feel like you truly got your money’s worth…you’d probably have even been willing to pay more for these tasty treats! Another reason I like it is because I can order varied flavors of montaditos, each for just one dollar!! You know when you look at a menu and you want multiple things but you can’t decide?? Now you can order to your heart’s content… and pick more than one thing and not waste the food or money! Gosh, I don’t know, you just have to experience it. There was seriously a “party in my mouth”…yum, yum, YUM!

So, in the platter pictures above (about $12)…I had #1 -Serrano Ham and Olive Oil, #2- Chorizo, #9 -Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jam (gotta satisfy the sweet tooth), #69 – Pulled BBQ Pork with Iberic Cheese and Brava Sauce, #70 – Pulled BBQ Pork with Bacon, Guacamole and Green Pepper and #77 – Shrimp with Ali Oli! I know it’s A LOT..but I had to sample everything!! Each item was unique and very tasty…I felt like a happy “montadito” when I walked out! Apparently they have really good ice cream too…I’ll have to dig into that item next visit. http://www.100montaditos.com/miami/

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