Holiday Cookin’


I cook for my co-workers once a year for our holiday pot luck…and this year I made two (Filipino) dishes… Leche Flan and Pancit (Canton)! Last year it was lumpia (and they were looking for it), but I just wasn’t up to the rolling and deep frying this time around. Anyway, I’m happy to say I got another “gold star” for my cooking skills and I’ve been dubbed a “Renaissance Woman!” Thanks to my Mom (Leche Flan) and Arlyn & “Mamacita” (Pancit)…for the last minute tips to get my food just right!

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  1. little miss aubrey anne!!!! you make it all look so fun and easy! you are a natural girlfriend and i am soooo proud of you! keep up the wonderful work…i love how your personality comes through in every piece! i mis you tons!! j lo

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