Pacquiao Wins!

Last night Las Vegas was painted with “Pinoy Pride.”  Manny Pacquiao dominated Oscar De La Hoya from the opening bell and won with a TKO.  This is a really BIG deal in the Filipino community.  I’m sure the celebration in the Philippines is far from over…and no doubt, Filipino-Americans are beaming in the victory too, with a renewed sense of pride in our heritage!  I’ve always told people it is very different to be Filipino born in the States…  My Dad has an extremely stong affection for his native country, one I don’t quite get, since I’m not from there, but if there’s one thing we Filipino’s do collectively…it’s support our own!  Congrats Pacman and thanks for giving us that “CHAMPION” shine!

3 Replies to “Pacquiao Wins!”

  1. I wish we could have watched the fight together…I’m so proud for Manny and for our country!

  2. That was an ass whoopin if I ever saw one! Lol. Not sure if people realize this, but Manny used to be a kickboxer, so getting punched in the face over & over isn’t really much of an issue for the guy. I would love to see him fight “Money Mayweather”.

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