I just spent an awesome weekend in Oklahoma with a (more than half my life) longtime pal…Michelle! She was one of my first friends when my family moved from San Jose to Antioch and these days she’s living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The last time I saw her was in 2004, shortly after she had her first child, so a visit was in order!

I was really excited to see her and her husband Brad (I was in their wedding), their son Easton, meet little Amelia, and see their custom built home…very cool! Her parents also made the move to OK from the BAY, so it was like a reunion seeing the whole fam, and we picked up right where we left off…you’d never know it’s been years…we look just that same as 10+ years ago! ha

So, there were many highlights to the weekend, but a few in particular stand out! First, the trampoline…they have a big trampoline in their backyard and the kids told me I was okay to jump on it because I don’t have any babies! lol FYI..I’m super “popular” with the 10 and under crowd! ha

Then, I attended and ORU (Oral Roberts University) basketball game with the fam… it was great to see the kids enjoying being out at a game…


And — I just can’t get over the “Chai Tea Latte” Michelle had in her cupboards!! I’m going to buy a big BOX…tastes so yummy!! 🙂


All in all, good times, with good friends….PRICELESS!

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