Sunday in the CITY

I spent a nice Sunday afternoon in the Sucka Free with some good friends at the Mixologi (Day) Party! I’m not much for going out and socializing at night clubs, etc… so, this event was a nice opportunity to get out and relax in the daylight when you can see everyone! haha! The event was held at 620 Jones – a nice venue with an outdoor patio…AND they serve food – MAJOR PLUS!! LOL Plus there was no cover…FREE always appeals to me…but the line did stretch a couple blocks for the latecomers.


My sister and Norma came out…

Lucena stopped by too, and by chance we ran into one of our Raiderette sisters, Pita!


The party was lots of fun..I had to keep reminding myself that we were in San Francisco…PERFECT MIX of a cool crowd, nice vibe AND good music —> RARITY!!! Shouts to Mixologi for putting together a very memorable event!


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  1. You are dead on, that event was great!! Had a blast, I met your friend in the pictures. Tall, jean shorts.

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