AUBS + GABY: Adventures in Sin City

One of my very bestest friends Gaby joined me in Vegas this past weekend… We both went for the Pro Football Cheerleader Alumni Reunion, but it was also a nice girls getaway for us! And – our hang outs are usually 1 of 2 things…really chill, lay around and relax…OR we go from 1 to 100 in no time! This trip we did a little of both! ha


We did the nightclub thing, stopping by Playboy LV …


Our favorite quote of the weekend, “Gabriela, splits!” It came via a couple guys from Australia, one of which was throwing up signs for “West Side!” LOL


Our second going out night spot was HAZE…where we ran into DJ E ROCK!


We did a lot of loungin and talking…

The eating was not so healthy! :/


Took a stroll thru City Center, and got our “player cards” at Cosmopolitan (big pimpin’) – I look like a giant next to Gabs!


But — our favorite thing of the weekend was SLOTS!!


I hit this straight row of 7’s on the penny slots, looks like it should be something BIG…but it wasn’t really…HAHA! Oh well, you win some, you lose more…fun times!

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