MIA Biscayne

Check out my feature story on a brand new lounge/resto in downtown Miami. This place is very cool and the foods not bad either! It has a nice VIP, lounge and cool effects like an interactive wall and bar that respond to movement and touch! The only other place they have this technology are in the U.K. and Singapore…pretty chic, eh? I’ll also be hosting an event here for Title beverage next Friday the 18th…but either way, I like this spot..and it’s just down the street from my place!

West Coastin’

I just got back from a wonderful (extended) weekend back home in the Bay Area! I truly covered the whole Bay…drove on just about every freeway and crossed more than one bridge! From SF down the peninsula..San Jose to the East Bay…and even into Wine Country, it was a nice escape from the humidity and a reminder of the GREAT family and friends I am blessed with!!

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From a Hennessy Artistry event in the 408 with my girls to celebrate Shonte’s birthday… Thanks to Tony (Kinetix) and Frankie Needles for making it a memorable night.

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It was a Raiderette reunion with a few of my San Jose O.G.’s sprinkled in!

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Then to a beautiful wedding at Ruby Hill for the new Mr. and Mrs. Caleca, with Cora as my date..it’s out second wedding together! lol These ladies are some of oldest and dearest friends…LOVE THEM!!!


I even enjoyed a nice Sunday afternoon picnic in Napa in Oakville at Diamond Oaks winery…and that was a first for me…I mean MY Bay Area doesn’t really include “Napa/Sonoma”…but it was fun and I will be back for wine tasting!!
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We had perfect weather and ate lunched from atop a hill with a beautiful vista view. This trip I even squeezed in a lunch with the “Three Amigos” at Tres Agaves by the SF Giant’s Ballpark…

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…followed by a dinner at Sino at Santana Row with my sister Ade and Brian Tong of CNET fame! Until the next Bay Area episode…

Pretty Wings

Pollo Tropical is now serving grilled chicken wings and it became my assignment to take them to the masses and see what “the people” think! And, in Deco style I suited up with my own set of *Pretty Wings* (VS Angel style) and a couple wingmen to do the taste tests on Miami Beach… In my opinion the wings are really good without dipping sauce, I’m all about ranch though (even though that’s not tropical). lol I love their Mango Tropichiller too! Sorry West Coast…no Pollo Tropical for you.

Numero Ocho

Wow! On The Flipside is up to Episode #8!! I can’t believe my project has come so far!! On this one, I’m in the Bahamas on Paradise Island at the Cove Atlantis…good stuff! Check it out!!

We are Family!


I just spent an incredible week and a half with my sisters! Adrienne and Alison aka Ade and Bologna flew out from The Bay to come hang with their favorite “big” sister  in the MIA…actually, it was just Ade who planned to do this, but there was no way bologna was going to let us hang without her! lol


So the first night they made it to Miami we stopped by Club BED, then the next morning we hit South Beach to get some Vitamin D on their “pale” exteriors! It was nice to hang out and have my sisters with me…my two best buds! Bologna and I are really twins (mini-me) …I’m just a few years older and a few shades darker! ha



Alison had a laundry list of plans for us, like eating Prime 112, going to the MAC store and Paddle Surfing!

I did a story for Deco last year with Girard and he was happy to give us a lesson on the beach, they loved it!


Then, from Miami we set out to Raleigh, North Carolina to meet up with our baby brother Adam and Dad, for my cousin’s wedding…Viko lives in Australia, but his bride is from N.C….so the Aquino’s descended on Southern Pines!


It was great to see a good portion of my Dad’s family, all but 2 of his siblings made it..and most of my 31 first-cousins from that side of the family were there from all corners of the U.S. and abroad!


I think it was the best wedding they’d seen in those parts in a long time..lots of CELEBRATION and James Taylor songs! From Carolina we left our Dad and brother to hit the Bahamas! My sisters had never been, so a visit to Paradise Island and the Atlantis was a must, I mean how many chances will we be able to spend the time together and vacation, right?


We stayed at the super cool “Cove” and did a deep water interaction with dolphins..I sort of freaked out though when they wanted us to go under water…I’m no good with wearing a snorkel mask and holding my breath and swimming!!


The memories with my sisters are priceless…can’t wait til our next “episode!”

Bart Got A Room

I had the opportunity to sit down to Brian Hecker, Director of “Bart Got a Room.” It’s a coming of age feature, starring William H. Macy, entirely shot in South Florida and Brian took me behind the scenes (okay it was after the fact) to a couple of the movie shoot locations in Hollywood (Florida)! We stopped by le Tub restaurant, which I had never been to before but apparently Gayle (Oprah’s BFF) says it has the the best burgers around and then we stopped by a tux shop Rich Formal Wear to reminisce about the high school prom! haha