Yummy In My Tummy

For all the Mom’s…a fresh, organic “baby” food maker in South Florida. It’s called “Yummy in my Tummy.” A friend of mine, Heather, tipped me off to it, since she loves it for her young son and it’s really one of a kind! The “Stage 3” Chile, Tomato Basil Pasta and Cous Cous dishes definitely took me by suprise!

Burger King :: FLAME

Burger King has a fragrance called FLAME….seriously! It doesn’t smell like a burger, but it’s certainly a cute/funny concept! I almost lost it during the interview when she said, “the scent of carnal seduction!” And…did you know Miami is the home of BK’s headquarters, as well as its birthplace!?!? BTW, if you want a good laugh, visit the “Flame” website http://firemeetsdesire.com Thanks to my Aussie friend Christian who was visiting from London and endured many sprays for my story…I’m pretty sure he smelled like a whopper the whole way back across the pond!

Bubbles and Bubbles

Here’s a twist on your trip to the spa…the Ritz Carlton in Fort Lauderdale has a “Bubbles and Bubbles” package that includes lunch…so you get a Champagne-laced scrub and massage, followed up by a lunch with the same ingredients used in the spa treatment!

Seecomar’s @ Karu and Y

Seecomar’s restaurant inside Karu and Y in Miami is open for business. I love to eat and they’ve got lots of good food! From Sliders and sushi to steaks, shrimp and lobster corn dogs?!? Paris Hilton, Lebron James, Akon, Flo Rida, etc… they all dine and party at Karu, and the nice thing is you can make a night of it, eat dinner and then dance the night away all in one place! Thanks to Alex Vega and Clive Seecomar for “catering” to me!

Rick Ross “Resort”

Rapper Rick Ross invited me over for a tour of his home…I dubbed it the “Rick Ross Resort!” I mean there’s just so much to do there, you wouldn’t need a vacation…or a rental car since he has PLENTY of rides! The funniest thing to me is the socks, it’s probably the first time I’ve been walking around interviewing someone in socks, and it’s just funny to see! And…who else can say they ate Vienna Sausages -straight out the can – with Rick Ross on TV!? lol There’s so much more footage that wasn’t shown in this segment, but I’m sure it’ll pop up “On The Flipside” soon! 😉

Holiday Cookin’


I cook for my co-workers once a year for our holiday pot luck…and this year I made two (Filipino) dishes… Leche Flan and Pancit (Canton)! Last year it was lumpia (and they were looking for it), but I just wasn’t up to the rolling and deep frying this time around. Anyway, I’m happy to say I got another “gold star” for my cooking skills and I’ve been dubbed a “Renaissance Woman!” Thanks to my Mom (Leche Flan) and Arlyn & “Mamacita” (Pancit)…for the last minute tips to get my food just right!