January Recap

January 2009 certainly got off to a quick start for me! There have already been lots of ups and downs, but it’s all BUSY BUSY! From attending Rick Ross’ bday yacht party (check back for video soon) to a Tampa road trip for the Super Bowl…I’m gonna keep pushin’…to make it happen On The Flipside! Afterall, I’m the captain of this ship!

Here’s a few more pix from the Tampa trip…

AZ headed to the NFC Championship!


Congrats to the Arizona Cardinals as they look forward to playing for the NFC Championship next week! Their win yesterday at Carolina was definitely not expected by most, but hey…they did it! I’m not necessarily a big Cardinals fan (RAIDER NATION), but I did work for the organization for a little while in 2004, so it’s nice to see they’ve turned it around in the Valley of the Sun! It’s just one more win to Tampa and Super Bowl XLIII!

Pacquiao Wins!

Last night Las Vegas was painted with “Pinoy Pride.”  Manny Pacquiao dominated Oscar De La Hoya from the opening bell and won with a TKO.  This is a really BIG deal in the Filipino community.  I’m sure the celebration in the Philippines is far from over…and no doubt, Filipino-Americans are beaming in the victory too, with a renewed sense of pride in our heritage!  I’ve always told people it is very different to be Filipino born in the States…  My Dad has an extremely stong affection for his native country, one I don’t quite get, since I’m not from there, but if there’s one thing we Filipino’s do collectively…it’s support our own!  Congrats Pacman and thanks for giving us that “CHAMPION” shine!