Kick It

For the past 7 years, one of my best buds from college has been the mind behind the “Kick It” kickball tournament…and the event has grown to include hundreds of people, teams lined up giving “Kick It” a whole new meaning! LOL!! Anyway, it’s all in fun and Bay Tiger Video did a great job with this year’s highlight video, so I just had to share… 🙂

Fruitvale Station

Fruitvale Station was a big winner at this year’s Sundance Festival and the movie is based on the real life story of Oscar Grant — whose life tragically ended at the hands of a BART police officer. His shooting death made headlines in the Bay Area and beyond…and now it’s headed for the big screen. The film’s first theatrical trailer has just been released and I personally can’t wait to see it… Fruitvale Station is also produced by the multi-talented Forest Whitaker. Uhm, did I mention my Raiderette sister Lucena also plays the role of “Rose” in the film. Press play to watch the trailer below…

New OTF Segments

A few new segments have been posted On the Flipside in the past month or so… I haven’t filmed any new “full” episodes, but that doesn’t mean the content stops! You can watch below and visit for more!!! 🙂

Red Bull shows us how they welcome NBA All-Star Point Guard Deron Williams to their family!

Miami HEAT superstar Dwyane Wade talks about his latest kicks, the Fly Wade 2.

On The Flipside teams up with Bay Tiger Video Productions to film highlights of a rare, Bay Area appearance by Mike Tyson! The meet and greet took place at Undisputed Boxing Gym where Tyson personally autographed an exclusive lithograph for fans and posed for photos!

Food for Thought: Jeremy Lin

I have been following Jeremy Lin’s recent rise in popularity with great interest, as I’ve been consumed by #LINSANITY and I’m enjoying the #LINSPIRATION he’s providing to myself and others…BUT today I decided to “vent” a little on my FB page, with (part of) my take on his story.

I need to get something off my chest… I think Jeremy Lin is being “over-Asian-ed”… For me, I like him because he’s AMERICAN..born in CA & raised in the BAY!!! I love his underdog story of hard work and perseverance, and how it’s translating to inspire both die-hard basketball fans along with random people who usually don’t care about the NBA and beyond! His ethnicity plays a (small) role in the story, but at the end of the day (regardless of ethnicity, race, culture) it makes me feel good to see someone who followed his dreams & is getting his opportunity to make them his reality! That’s the AMERICAN DREAM..THAT’S #LINSANITY!!!

My post started a nice discussion….with plenty of insightful comments! Read  here and feel free to chime in

I’m definitely not your casual basketball fan, especially when it comes to the NBA. I grew up on the game as far back as I can recall, watching whichever games were offered on TV with my parents, then the League Pass helped make it my family’s chosen everyday pastime when it was started (in the 90’s?!?), and we could tune in starting at 4/5 pm on weekdays on the west coast, viewing multiple games a night! Since then, I’ve worked for NBA teams and I’ve been known to schedule my life around the NBA schedule…so yeah, I’m  fan and I love to watch good, fun, exciting pro bball!! 🙂 I absolutely love how Jeremy Lin and his “story” have brought new interest and energy into the current season and the game in general. I’ve been reading a steady stream of articles about him and I wanted to share a couple I like….

For instance, this article in GQ – What the GOP Can Learn From Jeremy Lin –

This line from the piece really stood out to me…

“…he is an American, pure and simple, even though Americans insist on seeing him as an Asian who happens to be an American.”

And — my good friend Brian Tong of CNET put in his 2 cents about the “racist” ESPN mobile headline and why he’s “glad it happened.”

2012 Audition Prep Classes

Every year, hundreds of women pour their heart, mind, soul and body’s into auditioning for various Pro Sports Dance and Cheer Teams. I have worn an audition number, stood in line with the masses for my chance to dance, and so I KNOW what the experience is like. Thankfully I have been successful and have reached my goals of being selected for a coveted spot on one of those teams. Now that I’ve hung up my dance shoes, I work as a consultant and regional director for Going Pro Entertainment…and every year the company puts on “dance conventions” all over the country, designed to help audition hopefuls be ready and be their personal best for these once a year NFL, NBA, AFL, etc.. auditions. This year I am again coordinating events in the Bay Area (Northern California) and Miami, FL.

Another GREAT benefit of our workshops is that there are open to current dancers as well. Perhaps you are on a college dance team or semi-pro team that doesn’t have a big budget for choreography, however…by attending our events, you will learn 2 routines and 4 sidelines to take back and use for your own performances, so we encourage teams to send a couple if not all their dancers to be part of this exciting day! And — it’s always a wonderful refresher for alumni who’ve taken time off and want to get back in the groove before auditioning again.

All our events are staffed by former dancers, director and choreographers from Pro Sports Teams and we have the advice, tips and insider info you need to put your best foot forward! Of course we encourage you to always attend the “prep classes” for the specific team that you are interested in being part of, to be audition ready. Going Pro conventions offer that extra “edge” and additional help some of you may seek and it’s another opportunity to meet like-minded women who are also going through the process. Plus, since we are not the actual team reps for specific auditions, it’s no pressure, ask any questions and have fun!

West Coast (Bay Area) Pro Dance is Sunday, January 29 in San Jose!
For more info & sign up >>

Miami (South Florida) Pro Dance is Sunday, February 19 in North Miami!
For info and to register >>

All other Going Pro Conventions, including DC, Atlanta, Arizona…
For the complete list >>


It’s been a full month since I left Miami and while I have been having withdrawals – mostly due to temperature changes, I’ve been settling in, adjusting, eating great food and most importantly getting time to visit with my family and friends! So, I thought I’d share a few pictures I’ve snapped during the first 30 days back….

PPQ for roasted crab and garlic noodles

SF Giants game

Claire’s baby shower

Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge

Apple Crostini and Berry Tiramisu at Maggiano’s


House of Prime Rib

Miami Adios

The time has come for me to make my next move… it’s been nearly 5 years now that I’ve called the Magic City home, and while I do love Miami life, I’m taking my talents from South Beach, home to the Bay.

As a TV broadcaster, there’s nothing more flattering than being able to “go home” and tell stories on the same streets you grew up on… and now I have that opportunity at KRON 4 in San Francisco. I can’t say I was always looking to make the move back to the left coast, but over the last year, I have been praying on what to do, and being closer to the majority of my family and friends, just seems like the right thing to do. So, this opportunity came along and I am so excited to be able to be back on the screens in the Bay (I previously had on-air stints on KNTV and KTVU in 2002 & 2003), inject some of the Miami style and bring my brand of TV to the Bay Area!

I am really looking forward to being around all the sights, sounds and people I grew up with..the whole Bay Area vibe that is so unique! It’ll be nice to eat sushi and teriyaki plates from actual Japanese restaurants, Chinese food that’s not P.F. Changs and Hawaiian BBQ joints, not the Thai, Sushi, Chinese fusions that they throw together in Florida – like it’s all “the same.” Ah and the authentic Mexican food…can I have a flauta and chimichanga please!?!? I pretty much just always wait til my west coast visits to indulge in those…

The great thing is, Miami isn’t going anywhere…and it’s just a plane ride away… But I will miss living on the 31st floor in a luxury building that sits on Biscayne Bay, with an awesome view of  Miami, a state of the art gym, huge swimming pool, steam room and sauna on the 10th Floor (that I didn’t use nearly enough); and being able to walk in my neighborhood at any time of day or night, because people here just never seem to sleep (or work)! And I can’t leave out the 3 mile drive across 395 to South Beach and the abundance of yummy Cuban food. Most importantly, I have gained a fabulous network of friends and contacts in South Florida, and I will miss them dearly, especially my (Miami) girls Dara, Cherisse, Kimi, Rene, Dana and my Deco Drive fam… Now I’m trading in the “Hola Mami” for the “hella this and hella that!”

Going Pro – Bay Area

I just finished editing a short highlight video from the West Coast Dance Convention held at Crunch in Danville this past weekend! It was a great day of choreography and presentations..I know all the women who attended were very thankful and excited to have the opportunity to learn from Pro Alumni and also get the heads up with audition preparation!! 🙂

We had a great “crew” Pictured below (l-r) Jada, Robin, Cole, Me and Erin. Alumni Pro’s Laura and Patty (not pictured) also stopped in to offer great tips and advice.


And — here’s a slideshow of photos!!

Thanks to all our participants, Current, Alumni and Aspiring!! Keep checking for info on all our events around the country and stay tuned as I gear up for summer worksops! GPE consultants are available for one on one sessions as well.