Food for Thought: Jeremy Lin

I have been following Jeremy Lin’s recent rise in popularity with great interest, as I’ve been consumed by #LINSANITY and I’m enjoying the #LINSPIRATION he’s providing to myself and others…BUT today I decided to “vent” a little on my FB page, with (part of) my take on his story.

I need to get something off my chest… I think Jeremy Lin is being “over-Asian-ed”… For me, I like him because he’s AMERICAN..born in CA & raised in the BAY!!! I love his underdog story of hard work and perseverance, and how it’s translating to inspire both die-hard basketball fans along with random people who usually don’t care about the NBA and beyond! His ethnicity plays a (small) role in the story, but at the end of the day (regardless of ethnicity, race, culture) it makes me feel good to see someone who followed his dreams & is getting his opportunity to make them his reality! That’s the AMERICAN DREAM..THAT’S #LINSANITY!!!

My post started a nice discussion….with plenty of insightful comments! Read  here and feel free to chime in

I’m definitely not your casual basketball fan, especially when it comes to the NBA. I grew up on the game as far back as I can recall, watching whichever games were offered on TV with my parents, then the League Pass helped make it my family’s chosen everyday pastime when it was started (in the 90’s?!?), and we could tune in starting at 4/5 pm on weekdays on the west coast, viewing multiple games a night! Since then, I’ve worked for NBA teams and I’ve been known to schedule my life around the NBA schedule…so yeah, I’m  fan and I love to watch good, fun, exciting pro bball!! 🙂 I absolutely love how Jeremy Lin and his “story” have brought new interest and energy into the current season and the game in general. I’ve been reading a steady stream of articles about him and I wanted to share a couple I like….

For instance, this article in GQ – What the GOP Can Learn From Jeremy Lin –

This line from the piece really stood out to me…

“…he is an American, pure and simple, even though Americans insist on seeing him as an Asian who happens to be an American.”

And — my good friend Brian Tong of CNET put in his 2 cents about the “racist” ESPN mobile headline and why he’s “glad it happened.”

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